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Anti-Discrimination in the Workplace Essay Sample

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Anti-Discrimination in the Workplace Essay Sample

Describe ONE legal issue in the workplace and explain the role of specific laws and organisations to address the issue. Anti-Discrimination
There are many issues in the workplace, one particular issue, which harms the employees in the workplace, is anti-discrimination. Anti-discrimination is the method that is taken which challenges unfair treatment of individuals or groups based on specific characteristics of that certain individual or groups and results in groups being disadvantaged. Examples of discrimination include race, sex, disability and age. For many years, certain groups were discriminated against in the workplace and this discrimination still continues today is some aspects of the workplace. Discrimination can include behaviour such as telling insulting jokes about particular racial groups, sending explicit emails and making derogatory comments or taunts about someone’s personal life. Although discrimination is frowned upon in the workplace, discrimination must not be confused with comments and advice from managers or supervisors on the work performance or behaviour of an individual or group.

For many years, certain groups were discriminated against in the workplace and this discrimination still continues today in some aspects of the workplace. There are many laws and organisations, which help prevent discrimination and address the issue of discrimination in the workplace. Specific laws and organisations that deal with discrimination in the workplace include the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 and the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW A law, which deals with anti-discrimination in the workplace, is the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. The Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 portrays how it is against the law to discriminate against or harass people on the basis of their race, sex, disability or age. The Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 is about equal opportunity in a public environment. The purpose of the act is to promote equal employment opportunities for minorities in the workplace. The act also eliminates discrimination and makes sure there is a lack of discrimination in employment. An organisation, which addresses anti-discrimination, is the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW. The anti-discrimination board of NSW is part of the NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice.

It administers the anti-discrimination laws. Their role is to promote anti-discrimination and equal opportunity principles and policies throughout NSW. Staff at the Anti-Discrimination Board deals with complaints of discrimination and tries to prevent discrimination. They do this by educating people about what the anti-discrimination laws state and the importance of it in the environment. The board also informs the people of New South Wales about their rights and responsibilities under the anti-discrimination laws. The board does this by setting up services, education programs, seminars and talks for people who wish to find out about their rights and responsibilities. They also explain to people how they can prevent and deal with discrimination. The Anti-Discrimination Board also reports to the government if they think the law needs changing to help prevent discrimination in the society. There is much racial discrimination in the workplace today but one particular case study that refers to racial discrimination in the workplace had an effect on a person’s life.

The case study is about a man, who was originally from Serbia, employed as a van driver for Australian Government statutory authority had alleged that his supervisor made offensive comments about Serbians to him and to others while he was present. The offensive remark was “he is a Serb and Serbs make ethnic cleansing, he might kill you.” A co-worker provided evidence to support the claim by the man that offensive comments about Serbs had been made in the workplace. The complaint was resolved at a conciliation conference. The complainant was transferred to a job he enjoyed and had no further contact with the individual. Discrimination in the workplace has harmed many individuals in Australia and around the world. There are many laws and organisations, which help deal with discrimination and also prevent discrimination from happening in the workplace. Hopefully, discrimination in the workplace does not continue for much longer, so employees can be treated equally.


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