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Anti-Prostitution Speech Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Prostitution has always been known to society and supported by some. It is a – branch of the sex industry. Prostitution is the act of “selling” one’s self to provide sexual services in exchange of payment. Prostitution is known to be “the world’s oldest profession”. According to the New American Bible, prostitutes existed even in Jesus’ time. In fact, Mary Magdalene and Rahab were prostitutes from the Old Testament. Aside from that, ancient sources from Herodotus say that the Sumerians used to practice “sacred prostitution”. During the Middle Ages, prostitution was tolerated even by the Roman Catholic Church with hopes that it would help reduce crime rates. (McCall, 1979) There is no doubt that prostitution is still an issue today. It happens globally, and has even been made legal in some countries. Since people continue to support it, sex tourism emerged in the 20th century. Why should prostitution not be tolerated nor legalized in the Philippines?

Prostitution is bound to have consequences. It has always been associated with illegal and immoral activities. It deprives women from their rights. How would women be treated with honor and respect if they work as prostitutes? Prostitution abuses women, some are tricked into entering the job. Women are treated poorly, they lose their dignity and self respect trying to earn from prostitution. Is that how we want Filipino women to end up like? To be thought of as vulnerable? Prostitution promotes human trafficking. In 2009 the United Nations declared that 79% of human trafficking cases are for prostitution. Aside from that it also promotes sexual slavery, exploitation, pedophilia, drug dealing and illegal immi

gration. In 2005, GABRIELA assessed that there are about 400,000

prostitutes in the Philippines including males, transvestites, females and children. (Sabundayo, 2005) First prostitution affects women, now children too? What kind of heartless people would tolerate the fact that innocent young children are being sexually abused? Majority of the Filipino population are Catholics and Christians which means they were raised with certain beliefs that would oppose to prostitution. Most Filipinos view prostitution as an immoral act, so why legalize it? Prostitution leads to bigger problems like divorce and annulment which are the results of adultery and infidelity. How could a decent married man engage in sexual acts with a prostitute knowing that his wife is waiting for him to come home? And how could a prostitute not have enough conscience to consider that she may be ruining a family?

Prostitution is also associated with a number of health risks. The most alarming health risk would be the sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis and HIV/AIDS. Prostitution causes the wide spread of these STDs, so why tolerate it if it has health risks? Innocent people could be affected if they come in contact with people who have been involved with prostitution. Prostitution may also lead to unwanted pregnancies which usually end up bad. Admit it, we all know that most probably, these babies would either be victims of abortion, given up for adoption or raised without enough love and a bright future. Prostitution may also cause emotional stress to people especially the prostitute herself. According to a survey conducted by the International Labor Organization, around 50% of prostitutes say they carry their job with a “heave heart” and 20% say they still think of it as a sin. Trauma, depression and a feeling of shame are possible effects of prostitution. Is it worth it?

Poverty and unemployment are the main reasons why Filipinos turn to prostitution. An SWS survey conducted in June 2010 said that about 9.4 families consider themselves poor. (Flores, 2010) Being a third world country, job opportunities are limited. But at the end of the day, prostitution would not make things better. Some women are tricked into prostitution with hopes of getting a decent job. Prostitution would not only oppose to our religion, it would threaten the health of Filipinos as well. Who would want to live in a country known as a place where prostitution is accepted? Legalizing such thing would only give an impression that Filipinos, especially Filipino women being prostitutes are somehow inferior. Is this how Filipinos would want to be remembered?

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