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Antigone Essays

Antigone Essay Samples & Examples

If you have a task to write about Antigone, you will be happy to find out how many samples you may find here. Antigone essays are among the most popular for literature classes because it embraces a big spectrum of possible themes for detailed investigation.

It is a nice idea to compare this literary work with other books, analyze how the author describes protagonists. For example, you can examine a sample which investigates differences and similarities of the poem “Antigone” and “Romeo and Juliet.” Such a paper is also a good basis for researching writing styles of the authors.

Another variant is to write about Antigone as a strong female character depicted by different authors in their literary works. This will help you focus on the protagonist and her character traits. By reading our samples, it will be a piece of cake to prepare your article. Anytime you need help, you can order a new essay about Antigone or any other topic as easy as one two three.

Rationale - Antigone

For our scripted piece we used a scene from Antigone. Originally written by Greek author, Sophocles about 2500 years ago, it was re-written by a French author called Jean Anouilh around the time of WWII. Anouilh’s intensions differed from that

The Role of the Chorus in Antigone

The Chorus is the group of common people, who are the loyal and religious citizens of Thebes. They are very committed to the state, and played a very important role in showing the values of the ancient Greek. The chorus

Antigone as a Heroine

Despite tradition, Sophocles chose a woman to lead his story. Strong willed and quick witted, Antigone proves to be a loyal sister and pure wife. Antigone is noble of birth. Her hamartia is she shows hubris, a classic tragic hero

Oedipus Foil Essay

In Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, Creon serves as a foil to Oedipus. With the theme “fate vs. freewill” the character of Oedipus struggles against his fate that was prophesized before he was born, eventually failing to outrun the impending doom

Oedipus Rex Vs. Antigone

Daniel Nierenberg Comparative Essay 11-20-01 “Oedipus Rex” & “Antigone” It is only natural that an author use similar vessels of literature, such as figurative language, literary devices, and elements in his/her work. It is even more apparent between works that

Creon vs. Antigone or Male vs. Female?

In Sophocles Antigone, the title character’s gender has profound effects on the meaning of her actions. Creon himself says that the need to defeat her is all the more pressing because since she is a woman her rebellion upsets gender

'Antigone' by Jean Anouilh

“Antigone”, written in 1942 by the French playwright Anouilh, is based upon the original “Antigone” the third play in the trilogy of “The Theban Plays” written by Sophocles, of Ancient Greece, in around 450 BC. “Antigone” is based upon the

Antigone: Conformity and Nonconformity

Sophocles’ Antigone presents Oedipus’ daughters Antigone and Ismene as a non-conformist and a conformist. In postwar Thebes, Antigone must persuade Ismene to help bury their brother Polyneices, who is branded a traitor by the new king Creon. In a new

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