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The “Any Old Bag Speech” was definitely an eye opener for me. This speech opened my eyes to things that I most definitely have to improve on, refine, and learn how to be a good speaker in front of an audience. What I learned from the video was I that I actually love the quality of what I have to say. It is very detailed and tells exactly what I want to say. Furthermore, I was very surprised to see how enthusiastic I was in delivering my speech. I was smiling and even interacting with the audience for additional help with the word “rearview mirror”.

This speech most importantly let me know what I need to work on. As I was watching the video I just shook my head and said aloud “OMG Tatyana why did you keep on doing that!?!?”. The thing that irritated me the most as I was watching the video was how much I kept looking down at my objects. The effect of me looking down at my objects was that I lost eye contact with my audience. Another thing that I kept doing throughout my speech was that I kept using filler words such as “like” and “um”. I believe the reason that I continued using filler words in my speech was because as soon as I got up in front of my audience I completely forgot everything that I rehearsed. So throughout the speech I was constantly trying to remember what I had practiced. The things that I need to work on can easily be fixed with more preparation for my speech and going to use my resources here at UNCG such as the Speaking Center.

Lastly, my goals for my next speech will be to slow down and pace myself to make sure that I meet the time guidelines. Also, I want to maintain more eye contact with my audience to ensure that I maintain creditability and their attention. Most importantly I want to make sure that I am more prepared for my speech to ensure that I do not use fillers, I do not forget any of my materials, and to have an excellent speech for the audience to remember. The “Any Old Bag Speech” taught me a lot about the things that I need to improve on, learn, and what I did well. This speech was very enlightening.

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