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Make sure you obtained your F2 generation information from your group to complete the questions on your lab handout. I will be grading all of the tables and questions in your lab. Being able to write a null hypothesis will be extremely important in college so make sure to take your time and do it right ( Remember that the null hypothesis needs to be in an “If…then…because” format. • Ex. If I cross ___________then a ratio of ________should be expected because _____________.

Because the results of our lab were so various I will only be grading the chi square value for your results based on the proper process. Please do not be scared to use your data. I will take into consideration all the obstacles we faced in the process.

To make sure everyone is on the same page with the objective, processes, and correct conclusions of the lab that will be pertinent for the AP Exam; you will each complete the following assignment and staple it to the back of your lab when you turn it in on Tuesday January 3rd 2012.

Each of you will write a one page typed essay for this lab. This essay should be 1 inch margins and typed in 12 point Times New Roman font. • You will be explaining the lab as if you were crossing wild type males with white eyed females. • Your F1 generation contained 24 red eyed females and 18 white eyed males. • Your F2 generation contained wild type individuals 8 male and 13 females and white eyed individuals 11 males and 10 females.

You need to include the following:
• Lab objective: Determining whether a trait is sex linked • Process for hybridization: Explain the steps taken in lab from Parental to F1 to F2 generations. Include the steps for the process completed in lab. Make sure to address why we anesthetized flies, and why certain flies were placed in the morgue. • Data and Conclusions: Write a null hypothesis for the cross above. Then complete a chi square analysis to determine whether you can accept or reject your null. Include data tables for the data listed above and your chi square analysis.

Staple this page to the back of your lab! Enjoy your break and take the time to get ahead on your reading in the book!!!

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