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1) Product:
The IOS operating system – The first and foremost quality that people loved in the Iphone was access to the world-renowned Apple ios operating system. The Mcbook is probably the most desired laptop and the Iphone gave access to a similar operating system like Mcbook that was Ios. As android and Windows operating systems came later on smart phones, Apple was able to spellbound its customers with its mobile operating system. Processing speed – Only the operating system was not enough to keep customers attracted, it required processing speed as well. Iphone hardware was very much compatible with the software and the OS used to run smoothly. Thus the high quality processing speed also lends a hand towards the popularity of the product. 2) Price:

Skimming price – There is little explanation required for the price of Apple Iphone. With a premium target, and with the product and promotions to support the targeting, Iphone has a skimming price. It is of higher price as compared to most phones in the market. Samsung has recently introduced many phones to rival with Iphone. However, Apple customers are not budging and they are very much loyal to the Apple brand and to Iphone. No discounts – Another interesting thing to observe in Iphone pricing policy is that it does not offer any discounts. However, discounts might be given in the form of sales promotions or by exchange offers. But otherwise there is no discount given in Iphone. A standard price is maintained across the market. 3) Place:

Present across the globe with a fantastic service backup – Iphone is present across many countries and nations and is known to provide an excellent service backup in all these countries. The target of Apple Iphone is a premium customer, hence it is found in A grade cities only. I-stores are found in premium places and malls – Iphone has named its retail counter as I store keeping in line with the complete product line of Apple that starts with I resulting in an immediate personal connect with the customer. These I stores of Apple are found in malls and premium areas in premium cities across the complete countrywide network. Promotion:

Promotions of Iphone are known to be fantastic and might range from a full front page ad on the launch of the product, promotions in the radio, the television and what not. Whenever a new phone is being launched, be sure to see Iphone everywhere, on each and every platform. The interesting thing here is the taglines in newspaper ads because many of the Iphone ads are known to come up with the most interesting taglines for the new phone. Iphone uses out of home advertising with hoardings and point of sale advertising in major retail outlets. It also uses various forms of sales promotions and exchange offers to lure in the customer.

As you can see, the Iphone marketing mix is one of the strongest marketing mix because the key factor – Product, is very very strong. As the product is strong and it is being supported by the promotions, this ensures that 2 P’s are very much intact for the Apple Iphone. The remaining 2 P’s – Pricing and place contribute well to make Apple Iphone one of the best selling smart phones in the market.

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