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Concepts are terms for phenomena that can happen in nature or in thought. Concept analysis should have a purpose. A concept may be comparatively a summary and created with an aim. Walker and Avant’s (2011) concept analysis outline is used to measure the job satisfaction of nursing in a hospital based setting. Job satisfaction plays a major role to nurses because it can impact on their work performance and determines patient care. A nurse’s personality also influences job satisfaction. Job satisfaction impacts an individual’s functioning, physical and mental wellbeing that can also can affect patient care. For productive health care management, the employer needs satisfied employees to provide safe and effective patient care.

Frederick Taylor started the beginning of a movement regarding work measurement, and this movement stimulated future research regarding job satisfaction. Job satisfaction awareness continues to increase in nursing research and practice. Job satisfaction in nursing differs among psychology, business, and nursing practice. Improving the current literature on job satisfaction of nurses working in hospitals will assist in knowing the reason why nurses may not be satisfied with their jobs. Recent literature reviews on job satisfaction among nurses in a health care settings reveal found that job satisfaction is influenced by several factors including co-worker interaction, coping strategies, educational opportunities, employer policies, and procedures (Hayes, Bonner, & Pryor, 2010). Job satisfaction is a complex phenomenon, and collaboration between the individual nurses and managers is crucial to increase nursing satisfaction with their job.Nursing is one of the most demanding jobs in today’s world. It is necessary to find a way to decrease the number of nurse-to-patient ratio so that the workload can be alleviated for nurses.

Lack of support and tension at work can lead to a high turn over rate in the nursing profession. It is important to find ways to retain nurses and support their job by creating a healthier working environment. Ways to create a comfortable work environment include getting adequate help for them for providing patient care, and encourage them to advance their education for them to grow professionally. There are many ways to retain experienced nurses; this includes advancing their position to be a preceptor for new graduates, provide them incentives often, appreciate their professional contribution, and recognize what they do for institution by providing quality patient care. Job satisfaction involves an individual’s approach, thoughts, commitment, and satisfaction regarding his or her job. Job satisfaction also depends on employees’ view towards the work they carry out. An adequate support from employer is essential for an employee to commit to his or her organization. There are several factors contributing to job satisfaction; nurses need to have sufficient education to be competent nurses, and get paid according to his or her level of education.

There must be a comfortable environment with adequate supplies, proper working conditions and a caring team According to the results from the literature review on job satisfaction, three aspects are most important to nurses’ job satisfaction in a health care setting: independence, adequate supportive team, and qualified patient care (Utriainen & Kyngas, 2009). Independence and job satisfaction are interrelated. Staff nurses competent to function independently depend on the opportunity to practice, group support, support from their supervisor and colleagues, and effective communication between the interdisciplinary team. Interpersonal relationships between nurses, doctors, and other health care team members are a major component for nurses’ job satisfaction. A nurse’s relationship with other members of the nursing staff can be a major factor in creating personal job satisfaction. Providing satisfied patient care and having the joy of seeing patients get better and go home are a key component of job satisfaction.

In our hospital we promote job satisfaction and we believe the concept of job satisfaction related to independency to make decisions related to patient care, adequate support team, and effective patient care. As new nurses join the work team, nursing leadership should make them attend team leadership meetings and involve them be a part of a research team; by doing so; nurses will feel confident and comfortable with their skill set, knowing that they are being recognized as a part of team. Adequate time to getting used to the clinical trial enrollment process and always a mentor follow them for at least 6 months for providing adequate guidance. This strategy helps nurses build confidence by increasing their independency to make decisions on their own. They feel they have adequate support, and with this kind of support they are able to provide care for patients effectively and efficiently. From personal work experience, when new nurses join our staff team she or he has a group of team for assisting them for learning new skills and assist them to learn clinical research aspects.

Whenever they learn new skills a mentor accompany them till they become confident. These preceptors provide guidance until they feel confident doing their task on their own. According to Walker and Avant (2011), a conflicting case is a clear example of which concept is not. For example, Jackie, a patient’s wife partakes in her husband’s treatment plan suggested by a group of health care team. She is not satisfied with the recommended care plan and she decides to take care of her husband by herself. This is an example of a disagreeing case; although Jackie feels gratified giving care, nurses were not satisfied with their skill level. A comfortable environment and positive job satisfaction can have a positive impact on nurses’ personal life, and it can affect their family life as well as the community. Job satisfaction and the subject’s physical and mental health are interrelated. Many research articles regarding job satisfaction have been published. As nurses, we need to study more and research this topic.

There are three aspects involved in nurses’ job satisfaction: self-sufficiency, group support, and qualified patient care. Future research should be about understanding the importance and effect of job satisfaction for nurses. The nursing work environment that includes co- workers, management, and health care team, plays a key role for recruitment and retention of nurses. In order to encourage and advancement of nurse’s career, there should be an adequate support team in the health care team. The work environment can impact whether or not nurses provide safe and quality patient care. A proper work environment with adequate resources and a balanced support team interest individuals into the health professions. A proper work environment also motivates nurses to remain in the workplace, and empowers them to perform tasks efficiently. Job satisfaction means doing the job an individual enjoys and they should be recognized for what he or she does.


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