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Applying the Background and Methodology Essay Sample

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Applying the Background and Methodology Essay Sample

•Definition of the problem
The problem outlined in the article is that poor children living at poverty or lower
have greater occurrences of asthma and less resource for care than non-poor children do. Poor children access general care facilities for acute treatment of their asthma rather than doctor’s offices for long-term care of their asthma. Poor children have more sick days in bed and higher rates of hospitalization for asthma treatment than non-poor children.

What is the problem the study was conducted to resolve?
The problem the study was conducted to resolve was why poor children access asthma care through hospital clinics or emergent care facilities instead of using a primary care physician for long-term care.

Why is the problem important for health care administrators to study?
Asthma in children is important to study because of the rising numbers of children affected by this chronic illness. Inside of that study, it is important to understand why more poor children get care through hospital clinics and emergency departments rather than continued care through a primary care physician. Health care administrators can help create programs to get the poor children into primary care clinics rather than accessing the more expensive emergent care facilities.

•Study purpose: What is the purpose of the study?
The purpose of the study is to understand how very poor, poor and non-poor children access care for asthma and why very poor and poor children have a higher rate of emergent treatment than non-poor children do.

•Research question
What is the main research question?
The main research question is stated “We sought to determine whether in a health-care system that provides free access to outpatient and hospital services, the disparities in the rates of emergency visits for asthma would be less apparent across the income gradient.”

•Hypothesis or hypotheses
What is the study hypothesis?
The hypothesis is stated as “We hypothesized that since Canadian children, regardless of the ability to pay of their parents, have similar access to primary and preventive care, their use of emergency services should be similar across the socioeconomic gradient.”

•Study variables: What are the independent and dependent study variables?
The independent variable in this study is that poor children have less access to continual primary care for their asthma. The dependent variable is that more accessible primary care, other than emergent services, needs to be available to poor children for their health care and asthma treatment. •Conceptual model or theoretical framework: In what way was a conceptual model or theoretical framework used to guide this study?

The conceptual model for this study is comparing the relative risk of emergency visits for childhood asthma among children of very poor, poor, and non-poor families using a Cox proportional hazard model during a 10 year follow-up period.

•Review of related literature: In what ways does the literature review support the need for this study?
The literature reviewed supports the need for this study because more primary care facilities are needed in poor areas to treat and care for the poor children with asthma. Poor neighborhoods do not have health care systems or facilities to support the needs of the community therefore treatment for asthma is obtained at hospitals and emergent care facilities. •Study design

What study design is used?
Longitudinal, population-based study.
How many subjects were studied? 90,845
Where are the subjects found?
The subjects were found through the live birth records occurring in Alberta, Canada between April1, 1985 and March 31, 1988. What organization was studied?
The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan registry.
How long did the study take?
13 years, 3 years of records collection, and 10 of follow-up study.

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