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This is where my introductory paragraph goes. An introduction should grab your readers’ attention and give them a brief overview of all the major points that you will discuss in the paper. The major points should be the content elements that are listed in the assignment directions and the grading rubric. These major points should provide the topics for your level I headings Diagnosing Cancer

How is cancer commonly diagnosed? What procedures or testing may be involved? What is a likely human response to a diagnosis of cancer? Staging Cancer
What is staging and what is its importance? How is staging accomplished? What do the various stages indicate? What kind of teaching opportunities does cancer staging present for the healthcare team to educate the patient? Cancer Complications and Treatment Side Effects

Take note of what the rubric specifies for full credit in this area: More than three complications of cancer are identified. Note that cancer complication and treatment side effects are two distinctly separate topics and both must be addressed for full credit. Physical and Psychological Coping Strategies

Be sure to address both physical and psychological needs. This will not be a complete and comprehensive list of options. However, a broad range of strategies should be suggested including, but not limited to specific pharmacotherapeutics.


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