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Why do Arab Islamic countries hate the United States Essay Sample

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Why do Arab Islamic countries hate the United States Essay Sample

That is a question that has been asked many times since September 11th, 2001. The fact is that this did not happen over night. This problem has been escalating for hundreds of years depending on the point of view. Some scholars say the hated began with the Christian Crusades in the year 1095. Other sources point to the ongoing conflict between the Arabs and Israelis, in which the United States backs Israel. These are just some of the ever growing reasons that Arab Islamic countries hate the United States. There are three main points of focus when one researches this topic.

First and foremost is foreign policy. This would include the war for Palestine as well as the war on terrorism that the United States now wages. Secondly, religion plays the next major role in the hatred for the United States. Religion would include the war for Palestine, as well as the current beliefs system versus the United States beliefs system. Third, capitalism is a major reason for the hated towards the United States. Lastly, could the lines between two or more of these be blurred into one? Foreign Policy plays the single most reason for the Arab Islamic hatred for the United States. The main point of interest is the war for Palestine.

This is the reason many Arab’s hate Americans. ” M. Saed (personal communication, April 17, 2004) The fight for Palestine began shortly after World War I in 1917. “Palestine was among several former Ottoman Arab territories which were placed under the administration of Great Britain. ” (**********) This was accomplished under the Mandates System introduced by the League of Nations. All of these territories but one became and independent state. Palestine, being the one who was left out of this category, was going to be designated as “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people. ” (www. csmonitor. om/2001/097/p1s1-wogi. htm. April 22, 2004)

This prompted a major Jewish immigration between the years of 1922 to 1947. Arabs in the Palestine area began to resist in 1937. This lead to terrorism and violence from both sides that continued through World War II. Great Britain tried several approaches to solve the problems in Palestine but failed. Fed up with the situation, Great Britain turned to the United Nations. The United Nations also tried several ideas. One idea was to split Palestine into two independent states. One state would be Arab and the other Jewish. The only part that would belong to both states would be Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, this did not work as years down the road Israelis moved in and took over Jerusalem. Many conventions were held ordering them to leave the international city, all however failed. In December of 1987, there was a great uprising against Israeli occupation. There were great numbers of lives lost in the conflict. Since that time many other conferences have been held to try and resolve the problem. At times some of them seem to work, but only for a short time. What does this mean to the United States? “The United States gives 3 billion dollars in foreign aid to Israel every year. (Al-Arian, 2003, p. 77)

Unfortunately, many Americans are unaware of the money the United States spends for foreign aid. This is because members of Congress never mention the total for two reasons. One is that few of them are sure of it, although they are responsible for it. The other is to avoid questions from people about why Israel receives more money than states in the United States with the same or more population. Aid to Israel, is instead, earmarked within each year’s foreign aid appropriation so that it will not be reduced within the executive branch. This also bypasses a singled out yes or no vote.

This makes the United States a sworn enemy of Islam. One Muslim is quoted as saying “Even small children know that Isreael is nothing without American. And here American means F-16, M-16, Apache helicopters, the tools Israelis use to kill us and destroy our homes. ” (Karabell, 2000, p. 77) In short the United States is not killing them but the weapons we manufacture and sell are. Most feel that because we do not step in and help them as well, we are evil. There are many other political reason the United States is not liked. One is that Arab Islamic countries feel the west owes them a great debt.

This is due to learning is said to have flourished here when science was outlawed by Christian churches. Relations between the United States and Arab Islamic countries began to deteriorate during the cold war. Arab Islamic countries maintain that U. S. foreign policy helped promote the training of terrorist, gorilla, and military units. Osama Bin Laden is also said to have been trained by the CIA during this time. In many Arab Islamic countries, the young people suffer greatly. High unemployment rates, poverty, and lack of educations bring little hope. Youth are not allowed to voice their opinion towards the government.

Instead, the anger is directed towards the United States, in which they are allowed to voice against. Many Arab countries are also upset with the United States due to the lack of controlling those it supports. Many Arab Islamic countries feel that the United States turns the blind eye and let’s Israel get away with murder. State run news stations add fuel to the fire, showing Israeli troops killing Palestinian children, and Israeli tank plowing through Palestinian homes. The state run news stations are then quick to point out that the guns, tanks, and helicopters all came from the United States.

Also that the United States gives over 3 billion dollars of aid to the Israelis. Other political problems include the Gulf War. The United States came to help free Kuwait from an Iraqi invasion. Although this helped end Saddam’s master plan of exterminating them all, the United States pulled out too soon for the liking. This left them at the hands of Saddam and his men. Unfortunately, many were killed as retaliation by Saddam. What became a good dead by the United States towards the Arab world became known as the United States angering Saddam and leaving them to take the punishment.

Following lines of war, many Arab Islamic countries people despise the United States due to bombing raids conducted during the Gulf War, and the most recent war. Arabs are also upset due to the time that it is taking to rebuild the cities and restore daily services. Some Arab Islamic countries feel that the United States pushes the American culture on them through foreign policy. The American culture is said to degenerate and immoral. In Pakistan the prevailing thoughts are that of suspicion and anger towards the United States. This comes from a feeling that the United States are back stabbers.

This feeling began during the India and Pakistan war. India was backed by the Soviets who provided money and weapons. When Pakistan requested that its ally, the United States, send more weapons, the United States declined. Something as small as saying no to more weapons helps harbor feelings of hatred. Pakistan feels the same as most Arab Islamic countries, the only way for Muslims to give the United States any respect, is for the United States to provide the same support to Palestine as it does to Israel. Others feel there is no hope for the United States to be on good terms with any Arab Islamic country.

Many have hatred due to losses of innocent lives during bombing raids. Religion is also a major reason as to why Arab Islamic countries hate the United States. Many sources state that the reason for the hated based on religion started with the Crusades. Christians used to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem. “When Muslims took over Jerusalem in the year 638, Christians were still allowed to make the pilgrimage. ” (www. un. org/depts/dpa/ngo/history. html, April 22, 2004) When the number of Christians making the pilgrimage was at its height, Seljuk Turks invaded and took control of Jerusalem and ultimately banned the pilgrimages.

Pope Urban II assisted Emperor Alexus I in launching the first crusade. Pope Urban II made one of the most historic speeches in history during his call to arms. “Dr. E. L Skip Knox gives a summary of the Popes speech, which has been recorded differently in various sources. ” (Streusand, 2003, p. 20) The noble race of Franks must come to aid their fellow Christians in the East. The infidel Turks are advancing into the heart of Eastern Christendom; Christians are being oppressed and attacked; churches and holy places are being defiled. Jerusalem is groaning under the Saracen yoke.

The Hold Sepulchre is in Moslem hands and has been turned into a mosque. Pilgrims are harassed and even prevented from access to the Holy Land. The West much march to the defense of the East. All should go, rich and poor alike. The Franks must stop their internal wars and squabbles. Let them go instead against the infidel and fight a righteous war. God himself will lead them, for they will be doing His work. There will be absolution and remission of his sins for all who die in service of Christ. Here they are poor and miserable sinners; there they will be rich and happy. Let none hesitate; they must march next summer.

God wills it! “God wills it” actually became the battle slogan of the Crusaders. This speech bears a striking resemblance to most Muslim’s call to arms against the United States occupation in Iraq at this time. One wonders if this wasn’t the basis behind all of the current speeches printed in the newspapers and magazines. This was the first of seven crusades that lasted until the year 1250. This on the surface is enough reason for the Muslim religion to resent Christians. The battles themselves made matters worse. Many descriptions of the battles are very graphic as to what the crusades did to the Muslims at that time.

Heads of the enemy that had been cut off were lying everywhere. Muslims were shot with arrows, some tortured by burning and eventually thrown in huge fire pits. One rather gruesome story took place at the temple and portico of Solomon. Many historians refrain from telling the story but the common answer is men rode horses with blood to the knees. This all took place during the first crusade. The second crusade took place between 1147 and 1149, this was lead by King Louis VII. This crusade turned out to be an utter failure in which one of the Latin Kingdoms was lost.

The third crusade lasted from 1188 to 1192. This crusade was ordered by Pope Gregory VIII due to the failure of the second. The fourth crusade began in 1202 and ended in the year 1204. Constantinople was destroyed during this crusade. The fifth crusade lasted from 1217 to 1221. This one brought the defeat of Damietta. The sixth crusade was between the years of 1228 and 1229. The seventh and final crusade was led by Louis IX, and lasted from 1248 to 1250. One should be able to conclude that after years and years of crusades to the land of Jerusalem, that Muslim hatred over religion began there.

The author of this paper has never read the Koran, but did find articles on the internet that claim the Koran carries passages that tell Muslims never to accept Jews or Christians as friends. Instead it tells to kill the infidels. It instructs Muslims to cut Jews and Christians heads and fingertips off. This does not sound like a very friendly religion. Many Arab Islamic countries feel that another turn of Crusades is coming with the Bush administration. This is being taught in some universities in the Middle East. According to Abdul Mohammad, a neighbor of this author, this is untrue.

Abdul does admit that Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or marijuana. They are also not allowed to view pornography in any form. This means no Cinemax, no magazines, or DVD’s. Abdul admits that all of these have been tried since coming to the United States. Abdul also identifies these as a hatred for America. “When a young child in his country is caught with cigarettes, porn, or even marijuana the United States is blamed. Many of the items are imported to my country from the United States. Arab countries do not make cigarettes, the closest maker is Egypt. ” A. Mohammad (personal communication, April 21, 2004) It seems a little ridiculous not to blame the child but to blame a country in which the items were manufactured. Another reason mention by Abdul was the way Muslim culture reflects on women. Women in the Muslim culture are not allowed to show the face or most other parts of the body. The hands and feet are the only parts allowed to be shown.

Abdul states, “This depends on where in the Middle East you are. Many cities are modernized and have forgotten the old ways. The area that I come from has. The areas that still recognized are Taliban and other extremist group homes. A. Mohammad (personal communication) For these reasons some parts of the Middle East do not like each other. Many extremist, like Bin Laden, believe that the world is divided into two, on half is the House of Islam and the other the House of War. Extremist believe that these two are close in that the House of Islam must always be at war. Extremist also feel they have a divine right form God to inflict pain or happiness on others. Extremist also believe that the West must accept Islam, even if it has to be done with force. Many also think the war with the United States is a holy war.

Extremist believe that you must kill as many Americans and Jews as possible. Extremist also do not worry about killing their own. If you are killed in a battle, and are a good Muslim, you will be given a special place in paradise. Bad Muslims will be sent to Hell. ” A. Mohammad (personal Communication) The last of the three to be discussed is Capitalism. Capitalism seems to have the least amount of effect on the situation. Many people say that capitalism is the reason behind the new war. Many people calling the war on terrorism a fraud, something to take the place of communism.

The war on terror just happens to have started where the anti-capitalist capital is. Many feel this is an obvious sign of the United States intentions. The same people say that the United States is trying to turn the Middle East into a capitalist place. The same Arab’s also claim that the September 11th attacks, on the World Trade Center, were conducted by US intelligence services. This gave justification to a global war on terrorism. The Anti-American Arabs continue to say that American was brain washed by the propaganda by newspapers and TV.

Jumping in line behind the “new Hitler. ” The war is not only blamed on the leaders but the American people as well. One would think most of the blame would be put on people who wanted the war. Arabs actually place the blame on Anti-war Americans for not doing enough. When asked what could be done about this, the response was to be nice and forgive and forget. The Arabs then go on to make snide comments about carrying on the relentless pursuit of money and SUV’s. Arab Islamic countries claim that the United States has no evidence to point to Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists.

The growing suspicion between Arabs is that September 11th was an ongoing set up by the Bush administration to begin a war. ” (Pryce-Jones, 2001, p. 20) Arabs also stated that this is not at all unlikely since this is the same situation as Pearl Harbor, which the United States knew about and did nothing. Arabs also say that this war was also started to justify the Israelis fight against the Arabs. The surprising part is actually that Arabs say this was the master plan that all began with Bush cheating his way into the white house.

Even that is said to have been planned way ahead of time. It is even claimed that Jeb Bush was in on the whole thing. Helping his brother to steal a very important Florida vote. Then Bush loaded his cabinet with friends of his fathers who would not oppose his plan. Bush is also accused of trying to create and empire out of the United States. The war on terrorism is Bush’s way of taking over Asia and control natural gas and oil. Reports from Arabs say that a Houston oil company has been trying to run gas and oil pipelines throughout Afghanistan for a long time.

The reason the deal has not gone through because a deal could never be reached with the Taliban to guarantee the safety of the lines. Once Bush was elected he gave the Taliban the option of getting a golden carpet or being buried under a carpet bombing. The Taliban obviously refused which started the war. Arabs also claim that other evidence exists. The USA Patriot Act is supposed to have been already written before September 11th. Arabs tell the American people that they should be afraid because this is the Bush administration trying to control them. Arabs also site that secret concentration camps have been built in most major U. S. cities.

Moving on to more theories, Arabs claim that not one of the accused hijackers are listed on the passenger lists of any of the four flights. The Arab theory continues to speak of “homerun devices” which could bring a plane down safely. Instead of being used for that, it was used for the opposite. Evidence for this idea is derived from none of the 19 Arab hijackers having experience with such a big plane. Arabs say that pilots feel that only professionals could have flown those planes that well. Adding to the theory is that no high-ranking officials were killed in the collision with the Pentagon.

Reportedly the offices were switched one week before the September 11th attacks. Another claim to the Arab conspiracy theory is that the World Trade Centers would have never collapsed the way they did without help. The steel would have never collapsed as it did without and expert demolition team helping. This is why none of the metal was ever examined, claims the Arab theorist. Another positive gain for Bush is a major share holder of the Carlyle Group. The Carlyle group is a defense company that picked up many of the new defense contracts. Surprisingly the theorists claim Osama Bin Laden has a large number of shares in the company as well.

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