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For the past several years, the technology industry has subdued America. More and more people are using cell phones that could play games or go on social media. This may sound fascinating, but could these features cause problems like addiction, or texting while driving? I feel that even though cell phones have been making people’s lives easier, these small hand-held devices are like guns, because both put people’s lives at risk when used at the wrong time.

Have you ever had that feeling that it’s difficult to put down a phone after you pick it up? More and more people feel the same way as technology becomes more advanced. In 2012, a study showed that 1 in 4 people pick up their phone every thirty minutes, while 1 in 5 people check their phone every ten minutes. There are also games out there, like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans, that could make people wait on their phones for long periods of time. These games only benefit the companies though, not the people.

Cell phones could also affect families. This causes less family time, because these people would always be on their cell phone, surfing the web, or checking the local news. For example, our family decided to go to eat at a restaurant one night. We tried to communicate with one another, but it was difficult, because there would always be one of us that weren’t in the conversation, and it would take a while for them to “catch up”.

Teenagers these days are especially caught up with social media, because they probably check their phones more than anyone else. But, doing this at the wrong place and wrong time could put their lives at risk. Maybe if I was to tell you the three words texting while driving, you would know what I’m leading to. Texting while on the wheel could be really dangerous, and may result in injuries or deaths. There was a study that had people react to a red light while texting and driving. Every time the red light would light up, the driver was supposed to hit the brakes. The results showed that their reaction times were significantly higher than their baseline reaction time.

Cell phones have swept over the world, and it’s causing more harm than good. I feel that we could help make cell phones better by limiting the time people are allowed to look at their phones a day. Therefore, the amount of texting behind the wheel would drastically decrease. I hope that this essay would encourage you to put down your phone more often, so that you could enjoy more of the real world than the technology world.

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