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Are competitive sports beneficial for children? Some people think putting their child in competitive sports is a bad influence on them. Some people tend to put sports before education and it puts a lot of pressure on the child to win and if not it could put a great deal of dignity at risk. As we know everything has it’s negatives, but thankfully positives outweigh them by multiple reasons. Competitive sports help children physically, emotionally and mentally. These type of sports can help children grown strong, be athletic and be a better person. Joining teams and playing sports help them to meet new and different people, which allows them to get to know people more quickly. Meeting these people let children share interests and grain great friendships through out childhood. They gain participation and teamwork skills which they will need later on in life through jobs and experiences. The hope that these children will learn to make the right choices and do the right thing, as well as becoming stronger over time.

They also learn discipline how to set goals for themselves and how to achieve them. Usually kids who are involved in competitive sports are less likely to take drugs or smoke because they understand the risks that these actions make make to their over all performance. Females who play competitive sports are more likely to prevent themselves from getting pregnant knowing the negative affect on their performance and over all participation in the sport. As proven girls have a lower self esteem than boys. This entitles them to be self cautious and not feel good enough. Even though this is true, girls who play in competitive sports are more likely to have higher self esteem then girls who do not. The feelings of accomplishment, belonging, and acquiring of new skills that sports offer may explain this proven fact.

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