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Introduction of TOPIC


      Government statistics provide that about 600 workplace homicides were reported in 2001 own from a figure of 1000 cases that occurred in 1995 in the United States. Experts say that after the September 11 bombast, the environment is likely to experience yet another terrorist attack, theft of electronic data, crimes and sabotages including stealing by the employees and this makes establishing security systems a necessity for banking institutions like Barclays bank that handles lots of resources on behalf of the clients. This paper looks at the vulnerable security areas in Barclays bank and their solutions.

        Michael Reagan says that security currently is very important as health and safety in the firm and that security entails the protection of the company, its assets and its employees. He notes that security is very expensive. He adds that Barclays and other financial institutions should adopt modern security modes whenever the traditional elements of security such as fencing, use of the guards and the padlocks fails to offer much. These could involve the use of the surveillance cameras and other computer safeguards like the biometrics systems of security that allow access based on finger prints cornea features.

Identifying Threats/Vulnerable Areas

      Terrorism, criminality, and violence areas are viewed as the prime areas of concern in the banking industry.

Violence in the Workplace

This involves cases of unhappy employees who may decide to cause harm to the assets, facilities and even to other employees due to the domestic issues that may have been carried to the workplace and is more prevalent during economic slag and layoff increases. Moraco says that workplace is made up of very many different types of characters and personalities who may be under stress and duress both at home and in workplaces.

Issues of Criminality

These may include sabotages of buildings, robbery, vandalizing of the equipment and files that are perpetrated by the protesters, and disgruntled employees. Data theft in the internet is at an increase and yet Barclays rely on it to conduct virtually all the transaction ranging from design, operations, supply to maintenance. Internet has weaknesses which has created large losses in terms of data privacy breaches, presence of viruses, hackers who are looking for information and opportunities to sabotage the electronics particularly by the disgruntled company employees (Fischer and Green, 2004).

Terrorist Attacks

Since september11, Barclays has increased its concerns about terrorist attacks. Private sector holds a large stake in the nation’s important sectors of water, chemical production and the gases which have the potential of mass destruction. This has resulted in increased security of the nuclear facilities which is quite controversial and may attract terrorist intentions.

Control Measures and Solutions      

Barclays bank should look at things from the operations view point and then decide on the appropriate prevention measures that are needed from a planning angle and the physical perspectives. It should consider the kind of business, assess the risks, consider each factor and then take actions to mitigate it based on the impact that it may cause.

An expert should be called in to help assess risks depending on the size of the facility and a high level team preferably, from the FBI agents to perform complete facility analysis. It’s better to assess the facility from the top to the bottom and then add the relevant security measures where appropriate (Jackson qtd in LePree).

      A well-qualified security team members experienced in the terrorism and implementing of the physical and the electronic security should be instituted who would be able to study the operations, data integrity, physical security and the increase data protection measures.

      A proactive action plan should be created through the tactile levels of organization that includes plans emergency and evacuation responses and secondly is the strategy that covers the impact of the plans on the employees, operations, company and the community. Barclays should plan for shortcomings in the security and communicate these plans to the employees to prepare them and this would give them direction on how to handle themselves during emergencies.

      The company should also adopt the set standards of security measures provided for all companies as impediments to terrorism, violence, and criminal actions in the work environment.

       Barclays bank should also ensure that the gates are well operational and should be closed in order to keep unwanted visitors off the facility and use the identification budges so that employees may identify fellow employees.

        The exterior of the building should also be protected with gargets that wan trespassers. Security guards, badge scanners would be very helpful at the entrances. Other control devices should be utilized to approve accessing individuals.

         Employees should be encouraged to know the guidelines that govern visitors in the building and where non-employees are not allowed. It’s important to create off-limit security zones within the premise that unauthorized workers cannot be allowed for instance the computer, clean, power and control rooms.

         Barclays bank should also put adequate resources for personnel training and development on issues of security. The bank should also establish well-organized and planned strategies that would determine the success of the system of security.

         Another strategy which experts have recommended is that the disgruntled employees should not be denied access to the facility but rather the bank should form the violence committee that includes representatives from human resources, legal, medical, security and management departments and members should be trained to identify and deal with such violence related issues and may obtain outside help whenever necessary to mitigate such problems and prevent them from escalating to other levels.

          The bank should also train its employees to be able to recognize situations and report them. Violence issues normally begin with the harassment such as name-calling, abusive words and intimidation which the management should take seriously to avoid them.

          Security of the data should not be left to every personnel. Experts say that cyber security requires knowledge of the types of computer systems and programs in use (Moraco). IT professionals should be aware of them and be able to do research on firewalls and protection systems and also the risk assessment on IT should be conducted to check infrastructure like networks and other remote access gargets.


The Barclays bank should modify its strategies to the government threat levels to elevate its security to state local and the federal levels of security. It should also adopt the colour-coded security levels to curb the terrorist attacks.


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