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Tremendous pain and suffering of patients can be saved.

If patients have a terminal illness that is extremely painful and will get progressively worse, Euthanasia could be the only way to take their pain away.

Vital organs can be saved, allowing doctors to save the lives of others.

When someone is so close to death, and another persons life is in jeopardy because of a failing organ, giving the person with the greatest chance of survival the mandatory body part would be best

Without physician assistants, people may commit suicide in a messy, terrifying, and traumatic way.

Since the the procedure Euthanasia is illegal, and if someones pain is so unbearable, they may take their own life to get out of the mess. Committing suicide usually isn’t done in a way that is “easy” or “organized”, and if one attempts on their own, it could turn out way worse than if there was doctor help.

People have the right to die.

One should have the freedom and choice to end their lives. Possession of this right is often understood to mean that a person with a terminal illness should be allowed to commit suicide or assisted suicide where their disease would otherwise end in the same result. If someone is mentally able to make the best decision.

Violate doctor’s Hippocratic Oath.

Before getting a medical degree, doctors must take an oath. In the oath is talks about not giving patients lethal drugs. Persuaded or not, they are not allowed to help with Euthanasia according to the Hippocratic Oath.

If legalized, Insurance companies may start recommending the assisted suicide procedure.

With greedy insurance companies,. if given the option to save money, they will take it. When a patient is so far gone, they think there is no point in keeping them alive because eventually they will pass. If Euthanasia is a choice, Insurance companies could they say they’re going to stop paying the medical bills of a patient, and they will only cover Euthanasia.

Demeans the value of human life

Many religions prohibit suicide. One of the basic commandments is “thou shall not kill”. By doing Euthanasia, physicians are killing their patients, going against the commandment.

Insurance companies would recommend the assisted suicide procedure.

Keeping terminally ill patients alive is very expensive. Life support machines cost thousands of dollars a day. With insurance companies not knowing the patient personally, they could care less about them, it’s all about saving money. If this procedure was legalized, that would be insurances first choice. If the patient wanted to keep fighting their disease and had a slim chance of living, insurance companies may refuse to keep paying and leave the patient to do nothing but die.

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