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To provide a programming solution to a problem, certain procedures must be taken. First and foremost, the problem has to be analyzed and totally understood in order to develop a blue print (algorithm) of the problem. Secondly, the algorithm (blue print) has to be developed; the next steps are: design a program for the problem, code the program, test or run the program and then review the results. The process involves utilizing the programming cycle which follows the programming fundamentals of input, process and output. The process requires the use of syntax, modules, shapes, operations, a computer language, and subsequently involves selection structure and array structure proposal. “An array is a collective name given to a group of similar quantities. These similar quantities could be percentage marks of 100 students, number of chairs in home, or salaries of 300 employees or ages of 25 students. Thus an array is a collection of similar elements. These similar elements could be all integers or all characters, and so on” (Thompson, 2007).

In the Church of Christ scenario addressed in the Programming Solution Paper (week 1), Selection Structure Paper (week 2) the Pastor of the church wants to know the real-time (monthly) information of how much money in tithes and offerings is collected from the (500) church attendees. The problem has been analyzed, and an algorithm developed. The program designing process necessitates the use of a selection structure and array structure. A section (name of church attendees and contributions) of the Selection Structure that requires an array structure has been selected. The purpose of this segment is to input the names of the church attendees and the total monthly contributions into two arrays (Names and Contributions) and find out the church attendee that made the most contributions (Max). Below is the flow chart for the pseudo code described below.

Declare Names [100] As String
Declare Contributions [100] As Float
Set Max = 0
Set Counter = 0
Write “Enter a church attendee’s name and monthly contributions.” Write “Enter *, 0 when done.”
Input Names [Counter]
Input Contributions [Sales]
While Names [Counter]! = “*”
If Contributions [Counter] > Max then
Set Index = Counter
Set Max = Contributions [Index]
End if
Set Counter = Counter + 1
Write “Enter name and contributions (enter *, 0 when done).” Input Names [Counter]
End While
Write “Maximum contributions for the month:” + Max
Write “Church attendees:” + Names [Index]


Vernit, S, & Drake, E. (2011). Prelude to programming. Concepts and Designs, Fith Edition. Retrieved on July 04 2012 from

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