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Article Analysis Paper Essay Sample

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Article Analysis Paper Essay Sample

During the early developmental years of life children are prone to varies eating habits that have adverse consequences when they are consuming too many of the wrong food groups. These youngsters find themselves eating more, exercising less, constantly tired, bored, and overweight. Many families are frequent fast food diners instead of enjoying a nutritious home cooked meal is a serious concern in our country today. It is convenient for a large amount of parents to make financial provision for their children to buy lunch at school rather than fix a lunch at home. More children live in a two parent household, which means there is less time for the stereotypical parenting duties such as making lunches and cooking dinner. Instead, these expenses are added to their monthly budget.

Fast foods and restaurant meals exposes children more calories, higher levels of soaked fats, fat, and flavors that surpass the optional averages for a well life (St-Onge et al., 2003). Additionally, the children favor sodas and boxed drinks contain loads of sugar and eventually increase the level of dynamism consumption per day. Inadequate physical exercise with the consumption of greasy, sugary, and fatty foods have the potential later in life to contribute to a person becoming a diabetic. Food consumption and intake is a relevant and serious issue in microeconomics that fall under the division of finances.

According to the definition of microeconomics, this social science analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods services along with how the services of demand are distributed to whom and at what cost. When the market state is unconstrained, the forces of request and source are more likely to operate liberally to the point that the symmetry price is exclusively determined by the connection of the demand and source curve. In duplication however, managements and quite a few of key players in the business delay the process of free market and therefore, prices are slanted. The culture of microeconomics is concerned with the reasons behind such slanting and its effects. If children change their food consumption intake it will affect the demand and supply of definite things and amenities of more than one product will be needed therefore cumulative its supply in the market. Simultaneously, the reduction in demand of another product (replacement) will underwrite to less source being brought to the marketplace. Too many issues contribute to changes in the request and source of goods and facilities.

Request factors on the average are affected by the customer’s tastes and favorites. For instance, if a consumer wishes for merchandise more than comparable merchandise, the demand for the desired merchandise will increase. In the fashion industry trends and up-to-date primarily dictate what goods are fashionable and consequently in demand. Before the anti-chasing ban on rare classes, alabaster ornaments and expensive furs used to be in fashion. Although, intense movements by petitioners and animal rights figures have seen countless republics levy bans on rare animal classes making it governmentally incorrect to sport knick-knacks and clothes made from these class. Therefore, the affianced in this skill have gone out of trade, as there is no market for their properties. Another major concern is the price of a product which affects the demand for an artifact. Low priced goods and property enjoy improved demand than highly valued ones.

One of the main worries of any company is how they can cut prices to bring down the cost of their properties while they continue to attract further consumers. Changes in the proceeds of families will mean that their level of deduction income has augmented; this will permit them to request more items and facilities. Circumstances in fortune affect the request for a creation, as a fall in the price of an auxiliary will lead to a change away from the creation to the inexpensive unconventional. An increase in the price of alternates has the reverse effect.

Noble burden and promotion play a big part in causal to the demand for convinced goods. Children are drawn in by advertisements marketing by fast food openings; therefore, they rush to the restaurants to buy their goods without realizing the long-standing affects from of consuming these foods. Several of the issues affecting supply comprise the quantity of dealers in the market. When the dealers are plentiful, the source in the market is lavish and vice versa. Environment outlines contributes to the availability of more than a few products as some seasons influence the manufacture of convinced properties and facilities.

During the winter season, the agrarian produce is limited because of the cold climate. Typically, the prices at the market can control the source brought in by the dealers. If the fee is too low, then dealers will refuse their provisions until such a time that the price recovers. In the article, ‘Vicissitudes in childhood food ingesting designs: a cause for anxiety in light of cumulative body weights’, the writers blame the change on home cooked meals to fast food and restaurant mealtimes as the primary cause for the increase in fatness amongst young children (St-Onge et al., 2003).

Home cooked meals are identified by low levels of lipid, soaked fats and usual energy from fresh fruit squash. These meals actually helped the body significantly and did not contribute to the health glitches being seen today. Currently, this youth group prefers fast foods instead of jam-packed lunches because of peer pressure and the result of advertising which enjoys eating a McDonald’s hamburger instead of a home cooked steak and lettuce club sandwich. Rarely do you see these advertisements showing customers drinking a V8 Splash, instead you see the consumer drinking a soda. At least we have an explanation to why children prefer to purchase a soda instead of drinking milk or juice with their lunch. This viewpoint in childhood has become acceptable of purchasing a soda to go with lunch instead of a healthy beverage. Society has also contributed to this unhealthy consumption of food by vending these products in schools and other facilities that children have access to on a regular basis.

The soda beverage machines provide consumers with one option after another to quench their thirst which is in the most convenient locations. This has definitely contributed to the increase of consumption of sodas amongst our youngsters. Contemporary routines and increase in the cost of living have also contributed to the both parents working outside the home. Once again, with both parents working there is little time to make lunches for these little ones instead they receive a weekly lunch allowance to purchase food items at their leisure (St-Onge et al., 2003). These children spend cash on fast foods which are not only right to convey, but also gratifies them because it helps them to recognize connect with the stars advertising or staring in the announcements. During my school days, there was two choices white milk or chocolate milk, which is outdated by most school aged children who prefer to drink a soda instead of choosing something healthier to drink during mealtime.

Some additional benefit that consumers receive from eating at fast foods establishments is the fast service, no dishes to wash and simply put it is less troublesomeness than cooking at home. To sum it up, with demeaning request for fast food restaurants, there has been an enormous increase of these establishments being developed. Competition has led to the inferior prices for the majority of foods and facts have enhanced the production by making the foods healthy by presenting better stuffing and accessible through the outline of vending machines for sodas and snacks. There are more health conscious consumers who are requesting that these manufacturers cater to a more diverse population and provide a variety of products on a large scale.

Majority of the beverage companies offer an alternative soda without the high sugary contents, such as a diet soda with less sugar or one with zero calories. Fast food restaurants and cafeterias have limited the use of oils high in saturated fat, now they use fat free oil to aid in the wellness of their consumers. As a result, production and demand for fat free oils will increase among the health conscious consumers and at the same time, it will have a low demand from others. After other manufacturers change their policies or stop making the products the attraction will vanish and as a result the availability of product will decrease. As more companies regulate their manufacture processes to take into explanation altering market favorites, the attraction of their products will decrease. This process will help manufacturers to lower prices during reproduction and hopefully other products will not have a significant upsurge.

St-Onge, M., Keller, K., & Heymsfield, S. (2003). Changes in childhood food consumption patterns: a cause for concern in light of increasing body weights. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 78, No. 6, 1068-1073, December 2003.

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