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In “The World Food Crisis: An Overview of the Causes and Consequences,” the UN examines the problem of the world’s food crisis. The world food crisis has been an issue for many centuries. In order for world leaders to make sure that the world has enough food, the problems must first be identified. Globally food prices have greatly increased to the point that they are reducing the world to a state of hunger and helplessness. This problem has been identified and causes and effects have been explored.

Some of the causes are natural, such as extreme weather changes in the world. Also other man-made decisions have affected the food crisis. For example, the U.S. wanted corn to be used as biofuel to lessen the need to import oil from foreign countries. This decision caused corn prices to soar. When farmers made decisions about what crops to plant, not considering the food chain, such as what would their livestock eat, it increased the price of food for the livestock. Then animal products (meat, dairy, and eggs) prices increased to the consumer. When the purpose of cooking oil was used to make diesel fuel, it made shortages of palm oil in Asia.

When prices were regulated to stop the uproar of the citizens, hoarding became an effect. This reveals how one bad choice affects another.
Another aspect of the problem is the recessions of the U.S. and other countries. This causes a decline in the need to purchase products. Also this affects the productive use of material resources in a nation. When food prices decreased, farmers and leaders may suggest production should be reduced. This is an inappropriate conclusion. It is true that this decision would increase food prices, but presently “two billion people are starving now due to high food prices.”

The answer to the problem is to address these factors of the world food crisis. The quality of the human diet needs to be assessed and revised. The growth of food and the ability to healthfully process it to be used must be reviewed. People, such as anthropologists and world leaders can help solve the concerns involved with the food crisis.

Looking at all the approaches of the food crisis, reveals ways to help prevent this domino effect of the reoccurring food problem.

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