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AS ICT Corsework – Mr Brookes K-Fit Ltd Essay Sample

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AS ICT Corsework – Mr Brookes K-Fit Ltd Essay Sample

My client business is K-Fit Ltd, they have been up and running for 6 years now and supply a wide range of customers with kitchen supply’s and kitchen fitting services. The company sends out an employee to measure the kitchen for the fitting service and shows the customer a range of designs then supply’s the worktops, units and any other items ordered, from a third party company. As it stands the company has around 15 employee’s working in and out of the home base, fitting and supplying the kitchens. Mr Brookes started his business with just himself and his ambition and now has multiple offices located around Norfolk as well as a factory in development to make and supply all his own products.

Mr Brookes is no stranger to hard work and grafting to get what you want; before K-Fit was started he used to work for another company as a plumber, but after 10 years of hard loyal work for the company he was made redundant. After that he decided to invest the money in where he thought there was a hole in the market.

As trade has declined recently for Mr Brookes though he has been forced to take a new approach to work figuring out a way to develop on his business and increase his revenue. Which is why nearly all of his money is tied up in this factory development, he’s hoping the company will use a range of CAD and CAM machinery.

The Problem

Mr Brookes has finally decided to expand his business due to the imminent production of the factory by moving away from the actual fitting of the kitchens and more along the lines of supplying them, but doesn’t quite know where to start; he wants less effort for both the customer and provider in the ordering service. Another thing wanted by the client is for the customer to be able to see what products they offer before hand; as well as having the ability to advertise his company with something with a bit more standing than a simple newspaper advertising. He’s hoping to expect around 200 – 300 batch orders a week but if promoted well and products are priced correctly he can achieve way beyond that figure. Another major thing he mentioned was that it needs to be a system that the majority of people can relate to and has to be easy to use for both customer and employee’s alike. The reason a lot of work is being lost is down to the fact that customer’s just simply live to far away from our work range and advertising range so if there was anyway to improve this which is cost effective would be excellent.

Requirements for the Client

* Prices and expenses shown

* Advertisement for the company

* Less effort for Mr Brookes in sending out his employee’s maybe 2 or 3 times before the kitchen is even fitted

Requirements for the End User

* Minimal effort for the customer and employee alike in the ordering and decision for product

* Ability to view products from home

* A good system to track orders


I have interviewed my client to find out what exactly it is he wants for his ICT system to aid his company (see appendix 1). I also conducted a survey for customers (see appendix 2) this offered a lot of information for me to use, as I handed out 60 surveys for them to fill in.

Proposed Solution

The decision for a solution could range from a number of things like an email ordering service or a new home base is a city for example but overall I feel that a website would be perfect as well as cost effective. A website can offer a range of things, firstly a quick ordering system that almost everyone can access from home; on top of that there will be a constant string of advertisement for the business. The opening hours will no longer apply for orders so it will be possible to take orders through the night ready to be processed the following day. The end user has minimal effort therefore the option of ordering via the website will be much more appealing. The beauty of a website is that you can have the ability to incorporate a huge number of ideas into one place therefore if anything you feel is not right, all it takes is a little bit of tweaking and setting it right. It could be a good idea to have a employee’s page so that the customers can see where the products are coming from and who is helping design them to give them piece at mind that they will be getting top quality products.

Input, Process and Output






The product is searched for

The database finds the best results for the search

The best results are displayed for the end user and linked to all products

Home page

Customer clicks a link from the home page

The link is then redirected to the home page.

The page is then loaded up for the user.

Customer Support

Customer clicks the link

The data is processed and the link is the provided

The page is then loaded up offering the user a range of support via email, telephone ect

Adding products to basket

Customer clicks the link next to the product “add to basket”

A cookie to the customers computer to remember the item in the basket

The product is the linked to the customers basket easily viewable with the price ect

Products Page

Customer opens the products page and has a list of the available products.

Customer clicks desired section and then is linked to the page

The page is loaded up with products prices, stock ect

Customer Feedback

The customer writes there feedback in a section with their email address and then clicks send

The feedback is sent to the companies email address and is then received

The feedback is read and the customer is emailed back as well as the feedback given placed into a document for further reference.

Contact Details

Link from homepage to all contact details

Link is pressed and redirected to page

Page is opened giving the customer the office phone number and email with all separate fitters numbers

Testing the Website


What is being tested

Method of testing

Expected Result

Test One – Hyperlinks

I am testing the hyperlinks for the products.

Click them and see if the corresponding page loads up correctly, if not then edit the hyperlink and check frame and link are set correctly.

I expect that all the hyperlinks will work correctly and link to the correct page.

Test Two – Image Loading

I am testing that all the images are working and load up correctly

Go through all the images refreshing the page 2 – 3 times to check that the image of the page is working properly.

Hopefully I expect that the images will load up first time with no problems.

Test Three – Ease of Navigation

I am testing the website as a whole and how easy it is for the user to navigate around it

I am going to get a member of the class to go through my website and write what they think of the navigation of my site.

I expect that hopefully the user will agree that my site has a very good layout to provide an ease of navigation.

Test Four – Adding Products To Basket

I am testing that adding the products to the basket when the link “add to basket” is clicked works correctly.

I will go through my products and check that every “add to basket” link works and tells the user that there item has been added.

Hopefully the items are al added to the basket perfectly and displays the user with a message of success.

Test Five – Text Positioning

I am going through my site to test that all the text is where it should be in the right size and font.

The only real method to test this is via going through every page and checking by eye that all the layout size and font of the text is how it should be

I expect that all the text on my site is correctly positioned with good grammar and no spelling mistakes

Test Six – Do the Pages Load Up Within 5s

I am testing the loading time of the pages on my website.

I am going to test a number of pages and time how long it takes for them to load.

I expect that hopefully the majority if not all the pages load up quicker than 5s.

Test Seven – Hyperlinked Images

I am testing that all my images that link to pages work correctly

I will go through the images that are hyperlinks and check that they all link to the correct page.

I expect that all the links work properly, quickly and to the correct page.

Test Eight -Does the top.html work

I am testing the top bar that remains throughout every page.

I am going to test each link on the top.html bar and check that they work if not then they will have to be re-linked.

I expect the top.html bar to work consistently and perfectly.

Test Nine – Accessibility

I am testing that the website is catered for people with impaired or bad vision.

I am going to zoom in on the site and check that everything is correct and there is minimal distortion of the text and images.

I expect that there will be very little distortion and all the images and text will be visible and clear.

Test Ten – Loading in other browsers

I am seeing that my website works in a range of different internet browsers

I am going to load the index.html page in each of my browsers to see if they a working correctly.

I expect that each of my selected browsers will load my website fine and all images and text will load correctly.

Test One – Hyperlinks

This is what I am testing:

Do the product links on the website all work correctly.

This is what I am expecting:

Every product link “kitchen doors” “worktops” ect should load up the correct page if hyperlinked correctly

How I am going to test this:

I am going to go through a set amount of hyperlinks to check if they are all loading correctly and linking to the right frame and page.

Link – Worktops

Worktops <– The hyperlink worked correctly first time resulting in no need for re-testing

Although I decided to change the roll over colour for my links from green to light grey to make the website aesthetically better.

Worktops –> Worktops

Test Two – Image Loading

This is what I am testing:

Do all the product images load up correctly.

This is what I am expecting:

All images should render correctly and load up first time without an problems.

How I am going to test this:

I am going to go through my pages in internet explorer and check the images through my website to see if they

are all loading up correctly

Although most of the images loaded up well there were one or two that didn’t load at all therefore some re testing

will have to be done.


Images have been re-linked and all images have

been placed into folders to help organisation.

The Results:

I loaded up the pages again and all the product images

loaded up perfectly.

Test Three – Ease of navigation

This is what I am testing:

Is the website easy to navigate and easy to find what you want.

This is what I am expecting:

Hopefully all the pages will be easy to get too and easy to navigate.

How I am going to test this:

I am going to give a user the chance to find some products and navigate there way through my website to see what they think.

I am going to test this buy telling my user “Drew Syrett” to find 3 products then navigate back to the home page.

Products To Find – Shutter Style Door

– Granite worktops

– Stainless steel door handle

Feedback – Drew: All the products are easy to navigate through and all the links are easily accessible, I managed to find the products very easily and found my way back to the home page even easier.

No Changes Necessary

Test Four – Adding Products To Basket

This is what I am testing:

I am testing to make sure that the Add to basket button on my products links the item selected into the checkout section.

This is what I am expecting:

I am expecting that after the add to basket button is clicked it should display a message that the product has been added to the basket

How I am going to test this:

I am going to go through the buttons and check that they are linked correctly to the right page and frame.

I tried to click the add to basket button and it displayed an error message due to a problem with an unsafe operation.


I decided to re link the page and make sure the frame was set correctly to avoid any minor mistakes.

The Results:

I reloaded the page and it worked perfectly displaying the message that the items had been added to the basket.

Test Five – Text Positioning

This is what I am testing:

I am testing to see if the text on my website all loads up in the correct positioning weather it be centre of the page or below an image.

This is what I am expecting:

I am expecting that when the home page for example it loaded up the text will be positioned directly below each image with the correct text there.

How I am going to test this:

The way in which I will test this is by loading each page with text individually and checking the text is positioned right, if it is not then I will re write the text and move it to the correct place.

Here I loaded the worktops page to show and as you

can see the text is already there in the correct


No Changes Necessary

Test Six – Do The Pages Load Up Within 5 Seconds

This is what I am testing:

I am checking that the links when pressed that the page will load up within 5 seconds of the link being clicked.

This is what I am expecting:

I am expecting that every page will load up preferably in about 2 – 3 seconds maximum

How I am going to test this:

I am going to go through 4 – 5 links and time how long it takes for the page to load up after it has been clicked using a stop watch.


Time Taken To Load (s)

Kitchen Doors




Granite Worktops




As you can see all the pages load up at a maximum of 2.2s which is excellent as I’m testing for a maximum of 5s.

No Changes Necessary

Test Seven – Hyperlinked Images

This is what I am testing:

I am testing to see that all the images I had used to link to a product work correctly

This is what I am expecting:

I expect that when the images are clicked then it loads up correctly and quickly without any faults.

How I am going to test this:

I am going to test a set page as all the images have been linked in the same way, I have chosen to use the kitchen doors page to see if all the images work properly.

Linked perfectly and loaded up fine

Linked perfectly and loaded up fine

Linked perfectly and loaded up fine

Linked perfectly and loaded up fine

Linked perfectly and loaded up fine

No Changes Necessary

Test Eight – Does The Top.html Work Correctly

This is what I am testing:

To see weather the top bar through all the pages work correctly

This is what I am expecting:

I expect to see all the text spelt correctly, for it too link correctly and look how it should look

How I am going to test this:

I am going to go through the links and check that they work testing all the buttons one by one.

As I went through all the links the one that had problems in loading was the home page because as I tried to open the page it displayed this error message


I re-linked the page and retested it and the same message appeared again. I was unsure about why it was appearing so I decided to go with the fail safe option of just re making the home page. After

I made the page again I re-linked it.


After I remade the page and re-linked it everything

it worked fine.

Test Nine – Accessibility (Bad vision)

This is what I am testing:

I am testing to see that my website is accessible to use with people who have bad vision.

This is what I am expecting:

I expect to see the page able to zoom properly without distortion so that people with bad vision can still see exactly what the website offers.

How I am going to test this:

I am going to zoom on the pages given and check there is no distortion in the text or images.

As you can see when zoomed all the text and

Images are still perfectly visible and in good quality with minimal distortion.

I feel this is more than suitable for any user with bad vision to use the website to its full advantage.

No Changes Necessary

Test Ten – Loading in other browsers

This is what I am testing:

I am testing to see that my website loads in a range of internet browser.

This is what I am expecting:

I am expecting that my website will load fine with the other browsers

How I am going to test this:

I am going to test my website in three browsers, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

As you can see the website loads up perfectly in

Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox without any

problems what so ever.

No Changes Necessary


Appendix 1 – Interview

(Interview with Mr Brookes)

Ben Allington – Good morning Mr Brookes, I have come to speak to you today so that you could tell me about your situation with K-Fit Ltd.

Mr Brookes – As you know I have a few concerns and really want to expand and develop my business, trying to move it away from the fitting side of things due to a loss in business. I feel moving simply just towards the supplying side of things will help the business to pick up its revenue and hopefully bring in more money.

Ben Allington – And how exactly are you planning to do that?

Mr Brookes – Well I have already made the first stage into the process by investing a sum of money in the development of a factory for the business but I need something to support the business rather than our current phone call ordering services as that would drain a lot of time and money due to the larger number of employee’s needed.

Ben Allington – Well there is a number of solutions that face you, what about a main office where all the orders are taken in a major city?

Mr Brookes – I have already invested almost all my money so that couldn’t really be an option for me.

Ben Allington – Well how about an emailing order service where a spreadsheet is produced to track pending orders, completed orders and orders being shipped ?

Mr Brookes – That could work but I don’t feel that will offer the advertisement of my business.

Ben Allington – Well then I feel a website could be a perfect option for your business. This will offer you advertisement all over the web, regular customers, an easy to use layout and a lot less effort on your employee’s allowing you to save a lot of money in the long run and having an ordering service offering the display of products and prices. Also a website would be perfect for opening your business up to the whole of England if your willing to supply across large distances.

Mr Brookes – That seems like an excellent idea but what about the customer’s feedback to my company? That’s something which is crucial in getting the company running just right.

Ben Allington – I have thought about that option and the simplist thing to do it we could have a blog for customers to leave there feedback on ordering services, customer care, quality of products and a whole range of things

Mr Brookes – Excellent that seems like all my problems could be solved. Is there anything else you need?

Ben Allington – No, that seems fine for now thank you for your time

Mr Brookes – No problem, bye

Ben Allington – Speak to you soon

Appendix 2 – The End User Survey

2. Are you male or female?

Male Female

3. How old are you?

0 – 18 19 – 34 35 – 54 55+

4. Do you feel K-Fit Ltd could be improved by a website for ordering and products?

Yes No

5. Do you feel the kitchen ordering service is a argues at the moment for K-Fit Ltd?

Yes No

6. What do you feel K-Fit limited does especially well?

6. What do you feel is most important for an ordered kitchen?

Appendix 3 – K-Fit Offices Report

Report from the K-Fit office from 8:30 – 12:30


Amount of work gained?

Customers being serviced?





Mr Brookes and some employee’s enter the office and get set up for the day to commence.


Calls – 1

Kitchen Supply Ordered – 0

Fitting ordered – 0

Kitchens being supplied – 2

Fitting supplied – 1

Customer Visit – 0

Two separate fitters are sent out to jobs both to supply a previous order and one to fit the kitchen as well as well as one call is registered but the customer doesn’t order anything and proposes to get back in contact with K-Fit


Calls – 2

Kitchen Supply Ordered – 1

Fitting ordered – 0

Kitchens being supplied – 0

Fitting supplied – 0

Customer Visit – 0

Now fitting or supply has been registered on the books although 2 calls came into the office with one customer ordering basic units, worktops and appliances.


Calls – 1

Kitchen Supply Ordered – 0

Fitting ordered – 0

Kitchens being supplied – 0

Fitting supplied – 0

Customer Visit – 1

One customer rang in to discuss what sort of prices and products where offered but didn’t decided to place an order although Mr Brookes travelled down the road to discuss the previous order with the customer ordered at 9:30


Calls – 1

Kitchen Supply Ordered – 0

Fitting ordered – 1

Kitchens Being Supplied – 0

Fitting supplied – 0

Customer Visit – 1

At 10:10 Mrs Ellen rang through and order a fitting for her kitchen although was worried about a few things so an employee was sent to visit her and consider her proposals.


Calls – 0

Kitchen Supply Ordered – 0

Fitting ordered – 0

Kitchens Being Supplied – 1

Fitting Supplied – 1

Customer Visit – 1

A customer was on the books to have the kitchen supplied and fitted at 11:15 so two employee’s where sent too the customers house to complete the supply and fitting.


Calls – 0

Kitchen Supply Ordered – 0

Fitting Ordered – 0

Kitchens Being Supplied – 0

Fitting Supplied – 0

Customer Visit – 0

No calls came into the office and no employee’s where sent to work as none had been booked from 11:30 – 12:00 although one fitter returned from the 9:30 job they had been sent too.


Calls – 1

Kitchen Supply Ordered – 1

Fitting Ordered – 1

Kitchens Being Supplied – 0

Fitting Supplied – 0

Customer Visit – 0

One call came into the office and the customer discussed the ideas for her kitchen and decided to place an order for fitting and supplied as well as a visit from the supplier at 16:30.


Calls – 2

Kitchen Supply Ordered – 1

Fitting Ordered – 1

Kitchens Being Supplied – 0

Fitting Supplied – 0

Customer Visit – 1

Two calls came into the office but only one customer placed an order for fitting and supply as well as that one employee was sent out to go to a booked customer visit.

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