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1. As a member of ASB, I would like to see all the leaders taking charge and realizing what a privilege we have going to such an amazing school, like ours. I would also like to see them having pride and school spirit, because those things are such a big part of being a leader, it shows others around you that you are proud to be called a (School Mascot). Another thing that would be great to see around the school is people taking care of our campus like they would their home, not wanting anyone to trash it, or mess with it, because it is like our home.

2. While being on ASB, I would love to better the students’ source of motivation. We as (Your School’s Name) students want to exceed the limit of excellence, because that is what is required of us, and what we are capable of. My theory is that if someone believes that they are going to be rewarded, whether it be with physical objects or even a couple of encouraging words, they will try their hardest to achieve whatever it is. For example, some students will try so hard to get good grades, so that their parents can be proud or give them a prize, but either will get the desired result. Which is why I think a good project would be a weekly raffle, with… Rewards! The students could be rewarded for good grades, perfect attendance, doing something that was appreciated; the list could go on and on. This will encourage the students to go above and beyond what is expected of them.

3. I want to be a member of ASB so badly, I believe it would be such a great opportunity to change or impact things that I, personally, as a student am not impressed with and have confidence that I could possibly better. A leadership group like this is fantastic; it is like having a voice for your student body. You are what your classmates rely on, if they have a question they ask you, if they have a comment or an opinion they tell you. Of course there is the worry of their judgments and unneeded thoughts, but as a leader you must stand tall and just take it all into consideration. I would be extremely glad if I was accepted on to ASB.

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