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Asean Is Crucial to the Development of Cambodia as a Modern Society Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Cambodia is widely known as one of the most suffering countries in Asia from many tragic wars in the past. Without any cooperation with other countries, it is virtually hard for this poor country to develop itself as a modern one. As Te Eang Chheng pointed out, “If there is no ASEAN, small and medium countries in Southeast Asia would have little or even no power or roles in regional and international affairs whenever…” (Chheng, 2011). In developing countries like Cambodia, it is believed that Asean does play a critical role in promoting the economic and tourism development. According to Kuboon Charumanee, “All ASEAN countries are more important to foreign investors if they are considered as one node in a larger regional market of nearly 600 million people – a single market” (Kuboon Charumanee, 2012).Cambodian’s economic rapidly grows, especially in the field of export trades due to the effect of

ASEAN cooperation. Furthermore, these days Cambodia is a really

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hectic country as a business centre with many Asian and foreign companies which are stimulating their investments in the country, especially in Phnom Penh. Hence, with the further ASEAN integration 2015 plan, Cambodia will absolutely gain more benefits in the economic sector from this association. Likewise, the tourism industry is also another field in Cambodia with many considerable improvements due to the impact of ASEAN.

“Tourism is an important sector through which Cambodia has been working with ASEAN for decades. Regional tourism has a big potential and becomes more and more important even though it has been hindered by SARS (in 2003) and bird flu.” (Chheng, 2011). As it can be seen Cambodia is in a great demand of financial and human resources to develop the country, so this improvement does help Cambodia’s development and cut down the unemployment rate. To sum up briefly, it does not need saying but the cooperation between Cambodia and ASEAN does effectively improve the country’s economy and tourism industry due to the above mentioned advantages. Not only Cambodia, but many other countries also need to develop these two vital sectors in order to become a developed country.


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