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Asia Essays

Summary of Old Penang

During the sixteenth century, Portuguese sailors and traders called an island, Pulo Pinaom for the ‘pinang’ or areca nut palm tree probably cultivated there then. This tree, commonly known as the betel-nut palm, or pokok pinang in Malay, still grows

Genghis Khan

Many forceful leaders can guide their empires through any situation. They make decisions based on logic and fact and gain the confidence of others. One of the greatest ancient leaders, if not the greatest was the Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan.

Counseling Asian American Clients

It has been a known fact that Asia is the largest continent in the world comprising of almost all of the countries located in the Far East, each having their own cultures, traditions and beliefs.  While there are a number

1988 Seoul Olympics

The Korean sense of higher national consciousness and confidence brought about by the success of the Olympic Games held in Seoul in 1988, presents a novel challenge and at the same time a duty to fulfill.  It is the obligation

Research Report On East Asian Stuff

TOPIC: China is one of the most progressive economies in the world and growing at a very fast pace in recent years. Its economic growth is tremendous and inviting all the intellectuals of the world to study the reasons for

Problems on East Asian History

            The people of East Asia like any other country faced the threat of the West with wstern countries threatening to take over their economies and social sectors. However, they let this happen as their old customs lagged them behind

East Asian political and economic integration

China has become a predominant market that has had the highest overall economic growth rate of any nation over the past ten years.  It is certainly a market that all investors shouldn’t ignore.  After China joined the World Trade Organization

Why Ebay Failed in Asia

Pierre Omidyar founded EBay on September 3, 1995 after many years of successful business in the United States eBay decided to expand its business to Asia; unfortunately business was not as successful in Asia as it was in the United

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