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Introduction of TOPIC

We all need oxygen to survive. Without oxygen we could die. Asphyxia is death due to lack ox oxygen. It occurs when a persons oxygen supply is cut off and air in unable to reach the lungs. The lack of oxygen will affect the functioning of the brain, and therefore affect the functioning of the remainder of the body. Holding your breath under water, suffocation, and drowning all deal with the process of asphyxia. If you were to jump in a pool, and hold your breath, you won’t be able to hold it for that long. People who hold it more then two minutes start the build up of lactic acid. Lactic acid is a bio product of the anaerobic metabolism. The most common cause of asphyxiation is choking. Just recently a girl had passed away when she accidentally choked on a balloon. According to an article this little seven year old ran from the playground to her mother, and she must have had the balloon in her mouth.

It slid down causing this girl to choke, and then faint. The balloon lodged in her throat constructing her airway, and lack of oxygen are the signs of asphyxiation. A different type of asphyxiation occurs when the person’s breathing is okay, but the air that the breath contains is contaminated oxygen. This chemical is asphyxia. Chemical asphyxia is when someone inhaled a substance, which does not let the body use oxygen. Breathing car exhaust fumes in an enclosed area is a good example. If carbon monoxide is inhaled a person will suffocate. Asphyxiation deaths unfortunately occur very often. Many thing can construct our bodies from lack of oxygen. We need the oxygen to survive, and without it we will eventually die. We die because of asphyxiation.

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