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Technology can facilitate the ongoing effort to access student’s learning by assessing the materials through wireless interactive smartboards, along with wireless activotes that are a part of the smartboard, design software, website, and united streaming media. With the interactive smart boards, students are taught the lessons in an interesting way that makes the lesson fun. Students are tested on the materials learned by using activotes to answer the questions. Technology makes this learning tool interesting and educational for the students. Students learning skills can be develop through technology that helps to develop communication skills. With Technology the teacher helps to facilitate students to think critically, analyze information, communicate, collaborate, and solve problems. Technology helps the students to think critically about reading materials and problem solving in math. Through technology analyzing information benchmark test can be made easier because the student have been taught through technology skills how to analyze situations on tests.

In math, problem solving is taught with technology. Students can learn a great deal of problem solving techniques with technology. The teacher can add additional learning skills by the assessment taken through technology. With communication and technology, students are able to learn by design software that teaches them to communicate effectively in a classroom. There are many skills that technology helps to facilitate in learning. A Word processor may help with communication skills. These skills help to promote organizational skills on the internet. Technology is used as a tool for students so that they can apply their learning processes. Through these processes a higher level of thinking and creativity is developed. The difference between formative assessment and summative assessment is that formative assessment is an ongoing process that is use for instruction. The information of the assessment is a helpful tool for the teachers.

The teacher makes the adjustment in instruction. Summative assessment tests the knowledge that the student should know. When added to classroom practice, it provides the information needed to adjust teaching and learning. Ways that technology can be used to facilitate both are in state assessments, district benchmark, end of the unit, or chapter test, and each end of term or semester exams. There are possible pros and cons in using technology to facilitate learning. One possible con is that through the internet, it is easier for some student to learn. There is an achievement with students, and teachers in technology interaction, students are learning and the teacher sees an improvement in the students and the class as a whole. This technology interaction brings about learning. Technology learning helps in communication in ways that students are excited about. Sometimes culture barriers are broken down because of the interaction of students in the classroom due to technology. Some technology has advantages as well as disadvantages.

Sometimes the cons make it easy for students to cheat. In some instances, the highly knowledgeable computer students may make the students who are not knowledgeable about computers feel left out of the class. This may cause a breakdown of learning for the student and low self-esteems. Another con that might be in using technology to facilitate learning is the rapid upgrading of materials on the internet. In order to adequately access student ability with technology, there must be a constant update of material that is being posted regularly. With this there has to a Schedule time to update materials on the internet and an appointed person if the teacher is unable to perform the task. This can be very time consuming for the teacher as well as the student appointed to do the task. The use of technology helps to accelerate, enrich and broaden basic skills. Technology motivates the student to learn and helps in student academic grades.

These things help in the workforce when a student learn to excel, and the economy improves through workers that have excel and made it through high school or college. There are many who agree and disagree with teachers only using technology in the classroom to assess student learning. Some teachers are not comfortable using technology in the classroom because they are not skill or in some instances trained. There are some people who may think that technology should be first and education next. And there are some that think a combination of technology and education makes a good team. No submittal on Turn It In – file submitted over a week late. No References or citations in the paper


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