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Assessment On: Evil Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

My practical work in December 2002 was for a drama GCSE practical assessment. It was a piece of work based on evil and was also titled evil. (This is how the piece of drama stood while I was in the group). We chose this because we wanted to try and put across in many ways the types of evil that was going on in the world today and just how evil the world can be.

My contribution to the performance was as one of the evil sisters friends named Tatiana I had to try and stop the sisters from doing the evil things that were on there mind nd try and make them realise that they didn’t have to tu

rn against those closest to them and to stop making them so selfish…I didn’t succeed and

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in the end I turned out to be as evil and as selfish as both of them.

To help me in my work I looked for information in a book called ‘ Urban Myths’ and found some stories that we tried to work around.

Our piece of drama was set in another world and a totally different way of living. This seemed like a good Idea when we were planning it but it didn’t quite work out the way that we wanted to, I think that we went over the top on this and that we could improve on this by trying to set it in a different time.

The people who mainly appear in this production are the two evil sisters.

In conclusion I would like to say that I enjoyed being in th play but in the long run I guess I would of made it longer if I turned up to the rehearsals and was a bit more enthusiastic about it. It was a good idea of what we had but it was too good to be able to perform and was too complicated I guess we should of realised this before hand and worked on something less complicated.

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