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Deductive and inductive reasoning is an interesting topic that is widely available on internet. Deductive arguments are arguments by the arguer to be valid and logical that is they have to provide justification, guarantee and proof for the derived conclusion. The premises that are presented by arguer should be strong and powerful enough to use it as a proof; it must guarantee conclusions. If a valid argument has true conclusions, then the argument is said to be sound whereas inductive arguments are disagreements by arguer to enhance the probability of conclusion. Probability can be strong and it can be weak based on the level of arguments. The argument that I am going to present deals with political stories; actually it was a social set up of different politicians where political leaders were presenting their views regarding the progress and prosperity of state. In between discussion, two political leaders had a fight over some topic that makes them aggressive and they started to use abusive words for others.

The two fought brutally that they disclosed secrets of their opposite members (Drabel, 2010). The media that was present their recorded each and everything and ultimately aired it on television news channels and social networking web-pages. The videos went viral. The political person responsible for disturbance was Homer. Thus, it leads to a deductive argument: All political leaders are corrupt and horrible. Homer is a renowned political leader and thus Homer is also corrupt and horrible. This is a factual and valid statement because the disturbance was created by Homer and the disturbance leads to chaos and war between other political leaders.

There chaos and abusive attitude represents their corrupt and horrible behavior. In short, it is both logical and valid. Here, political leaders represent all political leaders that were present in that meeting room. It was a league of best ministers so they must be concerned in this regard but they act like animals and giants that trim down their reputation. It specifies that all political leaders are corrupt and dishonest. It is valid and sound because media exposed the recorded proof and a valid documentation was set to highlight carelessness of political leaders (Science, 2012).


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