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GENERAL RULE: Use only black or blue permanent ink. Always write your answer on the space provided. Remember to follow specific instruction each set. Failure to comply will cause forfeiture of answer/s.

Instruction: This is a take home quiz. Answer each question briefly. Use a Maiandra GD font with a size of 11pts. Have 1.15 line spacing, and a justified alignment. Make it on a regular font and encode your answer just below each question. You will be rated based on the following: Relevance or quality of the answer (40%), Organization and supporting details (30%), Compliance to the instruction, either specific of general instruction (20%), and Use of language (10%). Submit your quiz on December 7, 2012, on or before 5:00 PM. LATE QUIZZES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ANYMORE, THEREFORE, MERITING ZERO (0) POINTS. GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY!!!

1. Is the knowledge and awareness of what is right and wrong enough in developing values? Defend your answer. (10 points)

Look up for information; look down for desperation, BUT NEVER LOOK TO THE SIDES FOR INFORMATION

2. There are a lot of factors that affects the values of an individual, and they are classified as Internal and External. On your own observation, among these factors, either internal or external, what has the most influence on the values of an individual? Cite three (3) examples or instances that would substantiate your answer. Make your answer brief and concise. (15 points)

Look up for information; look down for desperation, BUT NEVER LOOK TO THE SIDES FOR INFORMATION

3. Media is the most powerful tool in disseminating information. Likewise, a youth like yourself is very much exposed to different types of media. Discuss how does media affects the values of an individual. Cite at least three (3) examples, instances, facts or personal experiences that would authenticate your answer. In addition to that, as a youth, how would you lessen the undesirable effects of media to you? (15 points)

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