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Ateneo Application Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Each of us in this world had gone through different experiences that have helped them define the person they are today. There are some who took inspiration in the achievements they have attained to reflect the people they are now. As for me, my biggest achievement that helped me define the person I am today is when I overcome my English difficulty.

Four years ago when I first came here in the Philippines, I thought studying here would be easier than studying in my home country Korea. But it turned out that I was wrong. When I first came in school I had a very hard time making friends because I couldn’t converse and understand well and everything in school was hard for me then and normally I would just sit in one corner of the classroom and be alone. In the first few months of stay, I’ve always regretted coming here in the Philippines due to the difficulties I am experiencing because of the language gap.

But I tried not to show it to my family especially to my mom because she sacrificed and gave up a lot so that we could study here. My mom even gave up all her jobs back home where she spent a lot of years accomplishing it. Seeing it to my mom, I took inspiration in her because when she first came here she cried a lot and had hard times too but she

didn’t give and she tried her best to land a job that she wanted and her deed inspired me as well

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and so I tried hard and made the best of it here in the Philippines.

When I reach first year high school, things are becoming easier for me. It was easier for me to understand the lessons and little by little I get to catch up with the day to day endeavors. In my first year in high school, I have heard of the honor’s section and I was told that in each year there is an honor section for all level. First I really didn’t know what was honor section is all about, but as time passed I found out that honor’s section is an exclusive section for the topnotch students. There were times when I envied the students from the honor section because of the recognition they get but I never imagined myself getting there for I thought it was impossible.

In third year, that’s the time in my life when everything is finally coming into place. My English skills really improved to the point that I could talk to anybody without having problems or hesitations at all. My academics improved as well and made way for me to get recognition in my class by topping the first place in my section. I get to have certificates each term and the best reward was when I get to have a medal for my academics in my recognition day.

In the present time, I am finally in the honor’s section. At first I really couldn’t believe that I would be in this position now because just four years ago, I was struggling so hard with the difficulties of studying and the difficulties of learning and speaking the English language. So far, I would say that the biggest achievement that helped me define the person I am today is when I overcome my difficulties. There were so many hard times that I really wanted to give up and give in but I tried all my best and I work hard to focus on my goals. Now I learned that everything is possible if you try and give your best and having a positive mind like realization will equate your vivid dreams. From the things I have achieved overtime, I know now that if we put our heart, mind, time, dedication, patience and perseverance into the thing we want to achieve then definitely we will get it.

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