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Athletic Nutrition Plan Essay Sample

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Athletic Nutrition Plan Essay Sample

Nutrition, and even more so supplements, has been plagued with myths from the innersports circles and more importantly the media for years. Not only have we been given a plethora of information on the subject, there has also been a plethora of misinterpretation. I feel that there are too many writers who try to capitalize on certain extremes in the nutrition arena, and fail to put together a cohesive and coherent nutritional plan. The goal of a nutritional plan is to instill basic guidelines to follow throughout your athletic and lifelong career, not follow an eight week diet consisting of cabbage soup! In the following article, I plan on outlining the basic principles of a good nutrition and supplementation program that will allow you to achieve optimal performance.

The Goal Of Nutrition In A Sports Program

Nutrition is paramount to athletic success. Nutrition provides the energy for sporting events, the nutrients for muscle growth, and overall performance. Nutrition allows for optimal body fat for our sport as well. Let’s start with the guidelines: The Macronutrients Protein: This is the main macronutrient athletes should be concerned with. Protein helps build muscle, and help protein synthesis. This is prevalent in meats and dairy products. Carbohydrate: This is a main energy source for the body.

No, carbohydrates are not diabolically evil. Carbohydrates can be good, if you eat the right types. A type of carbohydrate that athletes need to be aware of is fiber. Fiber helps with digestion, and keeps you “regular”, if you catch my drift. Carbohydrates are prevalent in grains. Fats: Gasp! The dreaded fats! Actually, fats can be extremely helpful in nutritional plans. I am talking about certain oils that have preferable benefits to other junk fats, usually found in fried food. I will elaborate on this later on in the article. Fats are prevalent in oils, dairy products, and nuts.

This packet for information purposes only. Always talk to a physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Provided By All About Health 678-445-9377 www.allabouthealth.com

The Best Foods We can simply define the best foods as ones that have a favorable macronutrient and ingredient profile, which suit our athletic needs. This means we will be substituting and/or eliminating several foods, for better athletic performance. A General Meal Should Consist Of The Following: A decent amount of protein. Protein should be present somewhat at all meals. We want to keep our positive protein synthesis throughout the day, and reach our goal of 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. A combination of protein + fat, or a combination of protein + carbs. This is known as nutrient timing. Water, green tea, or milk/protein shake should be the beverage.

Anything else has too much sugar, not enough protein, or sometimes a combination of both. The combination of macronutrients should coincide with the time of day. Protein + carbohydrates should be eaten earlier in the day, where you are more likely to burn the carbohydrates off as energy, and slow digestion of protein towards the night time with protein + fat meals to prevent catabolism of muscles. Muscle Milk • • • • BUILDS MUSCLE AND PREVENTS OVER-TRAINING PROVIDES IMPORTANT VITAMINS AND NUTRIENTS BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM HELPS AN ATHLETE REACH HIS OR HER MAXIMUM POTENTIAL

Supplements should do what they are supposed to do: supplement a meal. Supplements can rarely constitute themselves as meals, with the exception being post workout nutrition, and Meal Replacement Powders such as Muscle Milk by CytoSport. A good example would be oatmeal. By itself, it has a great amount of fiber, but does not have a favorable amount of fat or protein. You can sprinkle protein powder onto the protein to turn it into a protein + fat meal.

This packet for information purposes only. Always talk to a physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Provided By All About Health 678-445-9377 www.allabouthealth.com


Protein Powder: It is very hard to get enough protein during the day to reach our goal of 1 gram per pound of bodyweight. Thus, it is necessary to supplement with protein powder. If you are strapped for cash, get a protein powder which can be used for postworkout nutrition and as a meal replacement. (Muscle Milk Collegiate Recommended) Multi-vitamins: These are essential to make sure you get your daily dose of vitamins, as well as antioxidants. (Nature’s Plus Ultra II) Joint Aid Supplements: These are supplements that help with joint repair and joint pain. This can be useful for baseball players, as the joints do take a beating over the course of the season. Look for these aids to have glucosamine and chondroitin. Branched Chain Amino Acids: These can be useful under intense training periods.

These are best utilized during workouts, as they help with protein synthesis, yet do not cause an insulin spike. There is no digestion, only absorption. They enter the blood stream extremely fast. Creatine: I have no doubt that creatine works, as it has been proven multiple times. I am wary of all the “super duper creatine formulas” that are now on the market. Simple creatine monohydrate works extremely well. All that is needed is 5 grams a day, for as long as needed.

Wobenzym N: Systematic Enzyme Formula that supports the body’s own defense and healing. Basically this means that Wobenzym will help your injuries heal faster. It uses natural enzymes to send a signal to your body that something is hurt or injured. This causes your body to make the injury a priority and forces the injury to heal faster. Bio Freeze: Helps with sore muscles, Aches and pains Magnesium Citrate: Great for muscle cramps, also works as a natural muscle relaxer N.O.-XPLODE: Pre-workout drink that includes Ester Creatine, Caffeine and LArginine (Better Pumps when working out).

This packet for information purposes only. Always talk to a physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Provided By All About Health 678-445-9377 www.allabouthealth.com

Athletic Varsity Level Meal Plan:
Pre-Workout: Meal One 1 Piece of Fruit 1 Serving Of Total Body Liquid Multi-Vitamin Total: Fat Carbs Meal One: 1.3gr 27.7gr

Protein 1.5gr

Calories 114

Post-Workout: Meal Two 4 Scoops Muscle Milk Collegiate 8-12oz of Milk or Water Mixed in a Shaker Cup

Total: Meal Two (Water)

Fat 7gr

Carbs 88gr

Protein 40gr

Calories 580

School or Sack Lunch: Meal Three 2 Large Sandwiches (Chicken, Tuna, Roast Beef, Turkey) (Sandwiches on Wheat Bread) 2 Cups of Milk 2 Pieces of Fruit Total: Meal Three Fat 18.5gr Carbs 113.4gr Protein 66gr Calories 806

This packet for information purposes only. Always talk to a physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Provided By All About Health 678-445-9377 www.allabouthealth.com

Snack Before Practice: Meal Four Tuna Fish Sandwich 1 Piece of Fruit 16oz of Water Or 1 Protein Bar 1 Apple 16oz Water 2 cups of Milk Total: Meal Four Fat 15gr Carbs 75.7gr Protein 51gr Calories 613

Dinner: Meal Five 1-2 Pieces of Chicken or Beef 4oz of Pasta or 1 cup of Brown Rice Salad or 1 Green Vegetable 2 pieces of Bread (Ground Whole Wheat Bread) Total: Meal Five: Fat 9gr Carbs 86gr Protein 62gr Calories 620

Evening Snack: Meal Six 1 Sandwich 1 Piece of Fruit Or 1 Protein Bar 1 Piece of Fruit Total: Meal Six Fat 10gr Carbs 49.7gr Protein 33gr Calories 393

This packet for information purposes only. Always talk to a physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Provided By All About Health 678-445-9377 www.allabouthealth.com

Total: All Meals

Fat 60.8gr

Carbs 440.5gr

Protein 253.5gr

Calories 3,126

Muscle Milk® Collegiate: Calorie Replacement Drink Mix Our philosophy: proper nutrition based on sound scientific principles is one of the tenets of optimum athletic performance. We have long encouraged student athletes to take responsibility for their decisions about proper nutrition, and we hope that their choices are made because they are well-informed and guided by principles of fair and equal competition. But merely encouraging today’s multi-tasking, time-constrained student athlete to eat to win often isn’t enough. Consuming three square meals a day that contain all the important food groups in sufficient quantities to ensure optimum nutritional support of athletic performance is often difficult—if not impossible. To help student athletes with this dilemma, Muscle Milk Collegiate provides a responsible, safe, and effective option. Muscle Milk Collegiate is the official performance protein of the following universities:

Benefits of using Muscle Milk® Collegiate A Balanced and Complete Formula: Muscle Milk Collegiate is an excellent source of protein, carbohydrates and fats designed to help you increase lean mass, prevent overtraining, aid in reducing injury from nutrient deficiency, and increase oxygen delivery to working muscles. EvoPro Collegiate Protein Blend: Human milk contains unique and highly complex proteins and peptides, which promote rapid recovery and increases in lean mass.

EvoPro Collegiate Protein Blend is comprised of like proteins including alpha and beta micellar caseins, alpha-lactalbumin, whey concentrates, whey isolates, whey peptides, and protein hydrolysate. EvoPro Collegiate Protein Blend also contains Aminogen a naturally derived, patented plant enzyme that helps the body utilize dietary protein. EvoPro Collegiate Protein Blend promotes rapid recovery from tough workouts and long practices. 100% Complex Carbohydrate Source: CytoCarb II helps keep muscle glycogen at This packet for information purposes only. Always talk to a physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Provided By All About Health 678-445-9377 www.allabouthealth.com peak levels to extend performance and endurance. Maintaining muscle glycogen helps produce muscle ATP to fuel longer, harder workouts. It helps stop muscle breakdown after workouts, and encourages favorable nitrogen retention. Trans Fat Free Lipid Complex: Muscle Milk Collegiate contains custom fat structures that actually promote leanness, while retaining more energy in the body. This promotes thermogenesis, reserving the protein for muscle recovery.

Custom fats even help retain minerals critical to muscle contractions. For serious athletes, Lean Lipids are a great source of these custom fats. Compliance: *Muscle Milk Collegiate is in full compliance with THE COMMITTEE ON COMPETITIVE SAFEGUARDS AND MEDICAL ASPECTS OF SPORTS standards and contains no banned substances. Best ways to use Muscle Milk® Collegiate Before: Take one serving of Muscle Milk Collegiate 45 minutes to one hour prior to training. Muscle Milk Collegiate provides energy from high quality carbohydrates, proteins and fats, fueling workouts and long training sessions. After: Take Muscle Milk Collegiate immediately after workouts to quickly kick start the recovery process.

This packet for information purposes only. Always talk to a physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Provided By All About Health 678-445-9377 www.allabouthealth.com

Information on Muscle Milk Collegiate gathered from (www.cytosport.com)

This packet for information purposes only. Always talk to a physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

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