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Attacks Essays


The September 11th Terrorist Attacks

Introduction; New York City and indeed the whole world were shocked by the deliberate crashing of two commercial planes into the World Trade center in downtown Manhattan on the morning of September 11th 2001. Nineteen terrorists had hijacked and commandeered

The Effects of 9/11 on the US Economy

The terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Center, New York City resulted in huge losses of life and property and had a major impact on the economy of the United States. The total loss in the

Terrorist Attacks in the United States of America

            Terrorism is one of the major problems that are adversely affecting the world today. This kind of dilemma is not only observable in countries under war or chaotic situations but rather it is affecting even developed countries with stable

Al-Qaeda attacks the United States of America Anew

The Attack, Part II             Americans are still left in the dark.  Even the White House is clueless about the events that will transpire.  The Pentagon, in its routine security check, is in its usual suspicious mode. It never hurts

Network Security Paper - Stuxnet

Technical Analysis Ralph Langner’s article on the Stuxnet worm discusses the hardware, distribution and targets of the attack. He also goes into detail regarding the outlook of future attacks and what we can do to prevent them. The Stuxnet attack

The 11th September 2001

The 11th September 2001 was the day that changed modern history. It is known all over the world as 9/11, the day that shook America. Immediately after the attacks on the World Trade Centres North and South, many conspiracy theories

The Impact of 9-11

On September 11, 2001 America woke up expecting a normal day. What America did not expect was that this day was going to change history forever. On that day Islamic extremist high-jacked four U.S. airplanes with the intent of crashing

Evaluation Case

1. Describe the nature of the incident. The nature of this event describes an internal breach of security in order to access and manipulate sensitive data. This internal breach was caught by the auditor, but the communications from the auditor

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