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Case Summary: Mr Naik was an AGM in the public sector steel monolith SAIL at Vishakhapatnam. He joined Eucalyptus pulp making company lured by the perks and reputation of the company. The problem arose when he was questioned by Mr Kamath, GM that why did he order materials without his consent. Mr Naik was disappointed as he had the authority to order materials worth Rs.25Lakh at SAIL but even for Rs.12lakh worth order in Eucalyptus he was questioned. He decided to quit.

1. Does the company have an orientation programme? If yes, how effective is it? Ans: The Case throws little light on the orientation programme. But we can take the clue from the case where it is said Mr Naik presumed his authority. Following things can be drawn about the orientation programme: a) Information about daily work routine, the Firm’s history. Organisation’s policy, work rules were not conveyed properly. Had it been done in a proper way, Mr Naik would not have presumed things about his authority. b) A formal way of orientation programme where specific orientation to the job given by supervisor and the follow-up meeting to clarify the employee doubts is missing. c) The case shows orientation was not that effective.

2. If you were Naik what would have you done?
a) If I were Naik, definitely would not have thought about quitting the job immediately. b) Every organisation has its own policies and rules. Every employee has to adhere to the rules set. As it was the first time, I would have explained the situation and justified my move in taking decision. c) I would have discussed my concern with my supervisor or HR regarding the autonomy and responsibility about my role in the following days.

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