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Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. – Summarizing and Presenting Data Ballard integrated managed services (BIMS) is a contract company at Douglas Medical Center (DMC). The company provides food and hospitality services for both the patients and staff (University of Phoenix, 2015). Lately the moral of the staff has been a huge concern at BIMS due to the high turnover rate. The rate has been higher than usual and management feels moral has a huge role to play in the situation that is going on. BIMS has a total of 452 employees and has a 55 to 60% turnover rate. In the past 4 months the rate has climbed a to 64% turnover rate (University of Phoenix, 2015). The employees don’t seem to be motivated or happy with the current situation at the workplace.

The use of sick leave has increased (University of Phoenix, 2015). The performance of the workers has become poor and has created a number of client complaints (University of Phoenix, 2015). In this report the Team will report a conclusion on the study of BIMS. The conclusion will report the final statistics of the survey given to the employees. After collecting data the team analyzed tables, charts, measurements and variability to conclude and share recommendations to management in the participating departments. This report will help BIMS with their issue within the organization. Charts

In statistics the final data will be presented in a professional matter. This includes common charts or graphs that present data in percentages and qualities. This helps the viewers see the clean data in details. The basic charts used to present data in statistics are Bar or Pareto graphs and Pie or Circle graphs. Pareto and bar graphs both categorize qualitative data using bar figures to present the bar graph. Pie and circle graphs present qualitative data in a circle or pie figure. Usually these types of charts represent the data in percentages or numerical figures. Other charts that might e used in statistics are histogram and stem of left plot charts. Collected Data

A survey was created as an instrument to get the views of the employees on how they felt about their boss, workplace, job security, working conditions, shift hours, quality of training, level of compensation, fair treatment, and internal company communications (University of Phoenix, 2015). The instrument used for data collection was the survey. The survey is used as a tool to gather the opinions of the employees in regards to the working environment at BIMS. The survey was issued to all 449 employees (University of Phoenix, 2015). The survey was voluntary and anonymous and employees received it in their bi-weekly checks. Both quantitative and qualitative data were variables used in the survey. At the beginning of the survey quantitative variables were used by questions being measured with 1 with one being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Question A uses qualitative data to show what department each person is responding to the survey. Question B uses Quantitative data by asking the length the employee has worked for the company. Question C uses Qualitative data by asking the gender of the employee. Question D uses Qualitative data to determine if the employee is manager or supervisor. Level of Measurement for Variables

The survey that was used had two sections. The first part had ten survey questions and four demographic questions. The employees were asked to rate their responses from one through five, five being the highest. The variables that were in the first 10 questions were the enjoyment of work, the enjoyment of the assigned shifts, the satisfaction in the request to work a desired shift, number of times called in sick, how trained they felt they were, paid fairly, treated fairly by the boss, communication within the company, and fear of losing their job. For the first ten questions of the survey, employees had the option to choose between numbers one through five. The questions were labeled as follows one being a very negative choice, and five being a very positive choice (University of Phoenix, 2015).

The last four question were asked pertaining to departments, years of service, gender, and if the employee was a manager or a supervisor. The data collected is a combination of quantitative and qualitative data. The quantitative data collected is the combination of years the employee has worked with DMC and the number of employees within the company. This type of data can be categorized on the nominal level of measurement. In data coding BIMS used numeric codes to represent the nominal, ordinal and internal level of measurements. In Exhibit A of the report, it describes how the company coded the employee’s data numerically. Descriptive statistics including the average, mean medium and mode were used to describe the middle of the scores or ratings and to reveal the findings of the survey. Data Evaluation

Sally and other staff members input the survey data. Sally decided, while entering the data, she would give a zero score to any unanswered questions. Sally made some errors to the data when she mistakenly entered fives as sixes. She also converted the length of time the employees worked in years to only months. Sally entered some of the data incorrectly and will and it will need to be fixed before the analysis can begin. To fix this data the sixes will need to be changed to fives and the zeros will have to be eliminated (University of Phoenix, 2015). Recommendations

After drawing a conclusion with the data that was provided to the analysis, the recommendations that the team recommends to management to work on with their employees and within the organizations are to change some errors on the survey. When analyzing the survey and data there where some changes to be made. Questioning was one, rewording the questions can help surveyor understand the survey questions. Giving the survey on payday can be a bad decision by the survey giver. To have better results with the survey, give the survey in a conference room or even in a lunch break room. This will help the get better results with the survey.

78 people were surveyed on 10 questions. Each question had a 5 point value.

1. How well do you enjoy working for BIMS? 220 of 390 points or 56% said they like it.

2. You enjoy your assigned shift. 213 of 390 or 55% answered said they enjoy it.

3. Your request for your desired shift was fulfilled. 219 of 390 or 56% said it was.

4. How many times have you called in sick in the last month? 216 of 390 or 55% said they have.

5. You are well trained for your work. 225 of 390 or 57% said they are.

6. You are paid fairly for the work you do. 161 of 390 or 41% said they are.

7. Your supervisor treats you fairly. 224 of 390 or 57% say they do.

8. Your supervisor’s boss treats your division fairly. 207 of 390 or 53% said they do.

9. The company is good at communicating. 173 of 390 or 44% said it is.

10. You do not fear that you will lose your job. 207 of 390 or 53% say they do not.

78 employees were surveyed.

A. In which division do you work?
9 people or 11% work in the Food Division
36 people or 46% work in the Housekeeping Division
32 people or 41% work in the Maintenance Division

78 employees were surveyed on how long they were employed.

B. How long have you worked for BIMS?
10 people or 13% of the staff have worked more than 100 months.

78 employees were surveyed.

C. What is your gender?
There are 47 males and 30 females. The majority of employees are male.

78 employees were surveyed.
D. Are you a manager or supervisor?
12 people answered yes, 62 answered no, and 3 did not answer.

University of Phoenix . (2015). Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. . Retrieved from University of Phoenix , QNT/351 website.

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