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That we should ban mobile phones in school Essay Sample

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That we should ban mobile phones in school Essay Sample

Tonight, we unite, to debate the argument, that we should ban mobile phones in school, and ladies and gentleman, tonight, my fellow team members and I will go further than any of our fellow debaters have gone this evening.

A school is an institute of learning it requires its student to posses but one instrument while in its grounds – an attentive mind. Mobile phones will distract children’s concentration with social matters. Thus the phone is of no importance during schooling hours. Why would a system of education endorse an item that will evidentially distract the child and obliterate any concentration that the child may have upon schools primary principles. It should be in the student’s own interest to leave the phone at home, or not on school grounds.

I personally feel that schools have been attempting to promote equality among students, eradicate bullying and exterminate peer-pressure, not promote it.

Why it is an utter necessity to own a mobile phone. Is it because all the other kids have one? So you went home, had a tantrum, caused some family conflict, got mummy and daddy to fork out $500, plus monthly fees. Just so you could be part of the crowd.

Allowing mobile phones to roam our schools, may allow those children harassing others, to do so through the sending of SMS messages. My team members and I feel assured that by allowing mobiles into our schools we will cause peer-pressure, and extreme hostility between children. This evidentially, will result in bullying, family conflict and soon enough, family financial trouble.

We should promote competition in the learning arena – not the materialistic one.

School uniforms were introduced because some kids were not in the financial position to purchase the trendiest piece of clothing. Schools felt that by introducing uniforms, the amount of peer-pressure and bullying taking place in schools would drop dramatically. And it worked, same principles.

Cellular phones are being stolen from students’ everyday, by children who are in the same position, but who’s parents can’t afford to fund this investment. And so, being driven to extreme lengths to fit in, are forced to steal those, of other children.

But once the phone is stolen, who gets the slack, and who, ladies and gentleman, has to cough up the $500 to fund the purchase of a new phone?

Current scientific evidence, discovered by a German study, on mobile phones, indicates that exposure to cellular-phones may induce or promote cancers, changes in brain activity and sleep patterns. Thus, schools may be held liable for the contraction of any health risk, caused by the mobile phone, which was permit in the school environment.

Sadly my speech has come to a closing stage, and in conclusion. I explain to you that mobile phones were not meant to be brought to schools. They cause and extraordinary sum of problems at school, ranging from peer-pressure, bullying, school liability, and most important for our children, a distraction from schools primary use, to provide a strong education.

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