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Bane: Mobile Phones Essay Sample

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Bane: Mobile Phones Essay Sample

1. First we see about the Safety related accidents
 It’s become acceptable practice to drive vehicle with mobile phone in the shoulder or ride with one hand and holding mobile on other hand.  Signals offer plenty of opportunity to quickly type an sms i. In year 2008 India recorded 130,000 deaths because of road accidents, which was 10% of the world’s total fatal accidents. ii. Nowadays, Safety does not depend upon on how carefully one drives but it depend upon how the others drive. 2. Second Children are growing in precocious manner

 Olden days children spend time in evening after school, playing with friends, climbing trees, hopping on the play ground, running after butterflies  But these days school children playing virtual game with phone & sending sms instead of engaging in real world  Younger generation waste lot of money on endless cell phone conversation which can be avoided Boon:

 Parents gift mobile phone to their children, to enable them to contact during emergencies.  Parents get update from school on their safe arrival. Mobile phone is the latest contribution in the field of revolution of communication. Today mobile phones are too cheap (cost wise) that even the rickshaw pullers are seen having it. But that’s where the problem starts. Every coin has two faces. Same is with mobile phones. There are too many disadvantages of mobile phone that that it appears a nuisance, a pest and a bane sometimes. It rings at every petty or major event. If it is kept on ‘vibrator’ for long, its battery may catch fire.

It’s waves are so strong that they might effect on ‘heart’ if kept long in pocket. It is medically proved now. People crossing railway line, if kept it open, may feel electric-shock. They are very small sets. Hence people wish to carry them any and everywhere as a result they are stolen/picked in mobiles. Once lost are hard to be recovered. The system is such that anybody can use them safely. Moreover, it has become a prestige-issue for one and all to keep them. Teachers, if the class is on, the tring-tring gets on, have to miss their class. Poor students are left in between, what, even if the topic being taught is very much important.

A Boon

The latest invention of science is mobile phones. They have really connected the world in a single cord. People can talk to their friends and relatives sitting in any corner of the world. These are very light and small in size. Hence these can be safely kept in pockets. Mobile phones provide many other facilities these days like: recording, photography, calculations, sending messages, music and games. It is actually a mini or pocket computer. It is available in many ranges and in various types. It is so cheap that even the rickshaw pullers can afford it. As a result, every third person is seen talking on phone. As the name suggests, these are mobile, 1.e. cordless. Hence people can talk and walk simultaneously. The parents feel it safe, to hand this small phone set to their teenage girls, in case they have to attend coaching classes in late evening hours, so that the latter can call formers if caught in any lurch. Really, mobile phones are a boon in present day life.

 Incase of theft or robbery, the mobile phone is friend in deed to seek help  For frequent travelers, phone helps to inform his family of his where abouts.  Parents gift mobile phone to their children, to enable them to contact during emergencies.  Parents get update from school on their safe arrival.

Same mobile phone helps in communicating to their relatives quickly  During Emergency situation, getting an ambulance is a call away.

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