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Banning and Legalizing Steroids For Certain Sports Essay Sample

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Banning and Legalizing Steroids For Certain Sports Essay Sample

Picture it – the star quarterback of your favorite pro team is on fire this season!  He has improved so much over last year and it’s an amazing show.  You pay $100 a ticket to see every home game because he is amazing to watch and then, he fails a random drug test given by the NFL.  He’s been taking steroids to bulk up.  Suddenly, your favorite player is branded a cheater and suspended.  There are criminal charges pending for use of an illegal substance.  His whole career is gone just as he was reaching his peak.

Today, this is a very real story that has repeated itself over and over again.  Controversy surrounds this issue no matter where you go.  Obviously making the drugs illegal have not stopped their use and many players today got to where they are using steroids.  Not all athletes used the drug to get to the top seat in their game, but they would all agree that the pressure to perform is enormous.  In today’s world of “bigger, better, faster, stronger,” athletes of certain sports should be allowed to use steroids as long as it is prescribed and monitored by a doctor.

There are obvious risks involved with any steroid use, as medical doctors who prescribe it can tell you.  However, the catch is that doctors prescribe it to patients for a variety of uses; therefore, all steroids aren’t bad.  There are many medical uses for steroids emphasizing that they have positive effects.  Those doctors that are against steroid use for athletes are the very doctors that prescribe or even take the drug themselves.  The difference – these people take steroids in moderation and under medical supervision.

These steroids prescribed by doctors have been known to help injuries heal faster, assist in speeding up slow maturity and replace lost testosterone production in men with low producing levels of testosterone with few side effects as long as they are not abused.  It can increase your muscle mass and eliminate fat.  It can help you tone and lose weight.  Steroids are also prescribed for certain types of cancers and muscle diseases.  If doctors trust steroids in monitored situations and prescribe it for all these reasons and more, then why shouldn’t sports organizations that require large amounts of muscle mass do the same as doctors?

            Because they are not legal without a prescription, steroids used by athletes have generally been looked upon as cheating and giving an edge that makes the field unfair to play on.  This is unfortunate but true.  If every player were allowed to use steroids in, for example, football, the playing field would be even.  Every lineman would be able to achieve their maximum potential to protect their quarterback.  Even ex-football players will tell you that they took it to be at their best, be bigger than the guy in front of them on the field and to increase their prime performance.  Unfortunately, most of these players were not monitored and they abused the drug.  This is exactly what makes everyone think steroids are all bad.

Perhaps rugby is a better example.  It’s football times ten – ten times as dangerous and ten times more likely you’re going to get hurt from a tackle.  These players need a lot of bulk simply to protect their bodies during the game.  If they all knew that everyone was taking steroids, then they would know what is relatively attainable and they can shoot for it.  The difference, both are taking the same steroid and a doctor is monitoring the health of every player to keep the bad effects the drug can have in check.

Body builders have used steroids for decades to make themselves as big as possible.  It’s impossible to know how many had used the drug in the past, but in body building competitions, they have accepted it as a welcome practice by creating a division for those who use steroids or performance enhancing drugs to add muscle mass.  This is concrete proof that if you level the playing field by making it a part of any player’s training regimen, then there is less chance of abuse because you can watch them.

            However, not all sports should be allowed to use steroids.  The sports we covered earlier require a lot of muscle and body mass to achieve great things and in some ways, to protect their bodies during play.  Sports that don’t require a lot of muscle mass should be prohibited from using steroid simply because the drug does not give them a distinct advantage.  Steroids are used to create muscle mass.  In sports such as racecar driving, basketball and tennis, endurance is the athletic ability that benefits a person the most.  Steroids do not give you extra endurance.  Since they do not produce what you need most for the sport, the bad effects would out weigh the possible gains of using the drug.

In examples like golf and baseball, strategy, skill and precision are required to make you good at these sports.  These are sports that live by the quote, “practice makes perfect.”  Steroids do not improve the skills needed in these sports either and therefore, the drug should be banned from these sports.

By banning steroids in sports where they do not necessarily improve the skills needed for good performance, we are putting everyone on an even playing field.  Then the legalization of steroids would be in control.  We would know what is expected out of a football player, a basketball player and golf pro, even if they were not all allowed to use steroids to enhance their performance.

            Steroids will continue to be a controversial issue.  But if we look at the facts and logically see what the benefits of the drug can be – we have a better chance of fighting inequity in sports by monitoring the drug itself.  Banning it in certain sports where it can enhance the level of play causes the problem to escalate.  The ultimate conclusion, the benefits of legalizing steroids in certain sports outweigh the negative side effects and level the playing field for all players involved.

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