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According to Kirby and Goodpaster (2006), enculturation is the values and preferences that an individual is taught from birth by his or her culture. I have realized that I know very little about other cultures. I have also realized that many of my beliefs are built upon my cultural upbringing with very little research put into these beliefs to verify their validity. I identify myself as a Christian but why am I a Christian? Do I truly believe everything I have been taught about Christianity since childhood? I am unable to answer these questions at this time. I was also raised in the south by traditionally southern grandparents. My grandfather went to work every day and my grandmother stayed home and took care of me and the house. I grew up believing that this was the way every family should be. I have since learned that is not true. When my husband was finishing graduate school I worked to support our family so he could focus on his classes. My grandparents had quite a bit to say about that but they have since realized that their views were not necessarily accurate. Denial

Kirby and Goodpaster (2006) defines denial as the refusal to accept an unpleasant reality. Denial has been my fall back method of dealing with negative aspects of my life for many years. When my first marriage was disintegrating I was in denial that there was anything wrong. I was actually shocked that my husband at the time so readily agreed to a divorce. Looking back I wonder how I could have deluded myself so thoroughly into thinking that he would stop running around and being abusive to me. I find myself falling back into the habit of denial still today. It is difficult at times to force myself to face the reality of the situation. My oldest son has Asperger Syndrome, ADD, ODD, and Bipolar Disorder with Psychosis. Logically I know that this is a serious issue and I do work hard to try and help him reach his full potential but I still find myself falling back into denial at times. He will go a few days with no obvious behaviors and I will start to believe that the behaviors are not going to resurface. This is something that I have to work very hard on for both me and my son. Rationalization

Kirby and Goodpaster defines rationalization as, “distorted thinking that attempts to justify behavior motivated by self-interest or unacceptable desires” (2006). After reading the text I realized how often I fall into the trap of rationalization. I spoke of my first marriage earlier. During this marriage I had an affair. I rationalized this affair to myself by telling myself that if he was going to sleep around with so many different women then my one affair is not that big a deal. If I am completely honest with myself I still rationalize many of my actions today. Maybe there is something that I want to purchase for myself but we cannot really afford it. I might tell myself that I have earned a reward for studying hard and getting a good grade or for some other activity. There are many other ways I rationalize making the wrong decision. I realize after reading the text that this is another area in my life that I need to work on.

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