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Basic Database Building Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In this assignment I had been given the task of creating a multi table database that would be implemented in to a sports complex called Sports World. The database had to do the following things;

* It needed to have an input form for all of the users to be entered in to the database

* From the above it needed to have a report that was generated this giving the operatives a printable set of criteria and details

* It had to record the bookings for people

* It needed to record the amount of times the facilities were used

* From the above bullet point a report needed to be generated

* The database would need to sue some form of validation to ensure accurate data entry

* Summary charts need to be generated

* A control needed to be added for the main access of the programme, a switchboard is ideal for this

The data dictionary has been carried out on another piece of paper and will be attached to the back of this document

Database Building

The building of the database was in some parts quite challenging, it was imperative for a sports complex to have a efficient database to ensure data wasn’t replicated, to do this we needed to normalise the database. The database normalisation was done to second form and this left me with the following tables.

Here we can see the differing tables that I have adopted; the tables contain all the necessary information to carry out the tasks needed in the bullet point list at the top of this document. However, the programme could be expanded upon greatly but at the current moment this wasn’t needed.

Database Relationships The database relationships

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were the trickiest bit, with the need for accurate lining playing an important part. The linking of the database was minimal but appropriate and this is what helped me in creating a working database, below is the screenshot of the relationships.

The database works on the principles of one to one relationships, the one to one being because the individual members can only use any one piece of sports equipment at any one time. This is the same for their ID, as only one of these can be possessed.

Database Working

Above we can see the tables that I have created and from each of these we can generate input forms for the operatives to enter the details, these can all be seen below on the next page;

So to the left we can see the switchboard, the switchboard is an area for the user to access all of the relevant information. This information will be all the user can see and is customisable to suit. This then means they couldn’t access or tamper with any other areas of the database as everything else would be locked. There are however some draw backs to this, the most notable being the fact that the switch board cannot contain more than 8 links to forms and reports. This is however avoidable but needs a certain element of underlying coding. For a programmer this isn’t to bad but what it does mean is that the programme isn’t very user friendly in terms of future developments as the client will always be needing the programmer to do work.

Another part of the programme that was important was the charting of relevant information. So in my case the most relevant information that needed charting was the equipment that had been used, this could actually however have been on many things,

* Chart on peoples ages

* Chart on what membership type people have

* Chart on location lived

All of these would have been applicable to the programme and would have made it more informative, as an example though I created one. This can be seen below

As said previously, this is accessed from the switchboard by clicking the view total uses button.


Reports are used to outline information in a clear and concise way. I have three reports, they are for,

1. Currently Using – This is for outlining what sports equipment people are actually using

2. Facility Uses – This is used for outlining what people have used before per user

3. Total Facilities – This is used for showing the total uses in general for all users of the sports facilities

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