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#Tour Guiding – act of giving information about a destination and the road leading to it. #Tour Guide – person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/ or recognized by the appropriate authority. NATURE OF TOUR GUIDING

1. Tourist guide should create a good first impression on their tourists. 2. Receiving tourist is similar with receiving guests in homes. 3. One must be hospitable and accommodating.
4. Tour guiding is more than telling the tourists the directions where to go. DUTIES AND RESPOSIBILITIES OF TOURIST GUIDES
1. Honest information about the destinations.
2. Ensure factual presentation, distinguishing the differences of true stories, legends and traditions. 3. Ensure guest’s safety.
4. Good experience for the guest with consideration on preserving the environment, wildlife, sight and monuments, local customs and traditions. STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE IN TOUR GUIDING (SOP)

1. Know the exact number of pass. and the name of the group. 2. Welcome the group to a new province or destination thru the native language or dialect. 3. Introduce yourself as the guide and give the name of the driver. 4. Inform the group of the transport’s plate number for easier identification. 5. Remind them of the itinerary and rules pertinent to the tour. 6. Start by saying features of the destination that makes it attractive to visitors. 7. During the rolling tours, give trivia or facts about sites that can be seen or passed by. 8. After visiting a point in the destination, always make sure that the number of pass. is complete. 9. At the end – acknowledge the visitors for their participation. TOUR GUIDING TECHNIQUES

1. Study the tour destination.
2. Prepare your spiel or commentary.
3. Be updated with local and global news as well as environment issues.
4. Understand basic human behavior and attitudes.
5. Expect to receive relevant and irrelevant questions.
6. Do not discuss about your personal life at the first meeting.
7. Do not sell any products.
8. Always be punctual.
9. Learn map reading.
10. Study basic first aid.

#Tour Operators – wholesalers. Assemblers of different products to make tour package. TOUR OPERATORS OFFERS THE FOLLOWING SERVICES:
1. Tour package – regular(already made) and ad hoc (personalize)
2. Vehicle Rental
3. Transfer Services – Point of entry of destination.
4. Reservations to the different modes of transportation – air, land, sea.
5. Documentation – (visa, passport, b.i)

1. proper financial base – Show money P. 500,00 and up
2. Adequate premises – specific location.
3. Trained and qualifies staff – staff must a tour guide also. 4. Government approvals and – Mayor’s permit, sss, business permit. 5. Authority to sell on behalf of partnering industry principals in exchange for commissions. PROPER UNDERSTANDING OF THE FOLLOWING KEY AREAS:

1. Tourism markets
2. Tourism trends
3. Tourists profile
4. Tourism forecasts
5. Promotional strategies
6. Trade linkages
7. Travel regulations, and
8. Tourism products and services.

1. Variable mark-up based on contract rates from suppliers.
2. Use of cost savers and concessions.
3. Use of advance deposits and cancellation fee.
4. By selling optional tours.
5. Foreign exchange earning.

Types of tour operators| Domestic| Local| Inbound| Outbound| Area of operation| Philippines| Locality| Philippines| Foreign Countries| Nationality of travelers| For. & Filipinos| For. & Filipinos| Foreigners| For. & Filipinos| Type of Tour Package| Ad hoc| Reg. Package| Reg. & Ad hoc| Regular & ad hoc.| Area of Promotion| Philippines| Philippines| For. Countries| Philippines|

1. Tours – handlers the req. for both the inbound and outbound passengers. 2. Counter Counseling – provides info about a particular destination. 3. Reservations – handles booking of pass. to an inbound and outbound tour op. 4. Documentation – handles travel documents of the passengers. 5. Tour package calculation – handles costing of the tour package. #MARKETING AND SALES – conceptualize tour packages and sells it to the potential exsting clients. #ADMINISTRATION – the sub-departments are similar to travel agency.

*Finance – Handles collection & disbursement of money.
*Accounting – Handles books.
* Personnel – Handles hiring & compensation of the employees.

1. Transportation – from origin to destination and back. 2. Transfer – service point of entry to the place of lodging. 3. Hotel Accommodation
4. Sightseeing – Includes mini package. Transpo within the destination, entrance fee in attractons, lunch or snacks & tour guide. 5. Tour escort – person assigned to a group who assist them on their req. & ensures that the products and services are delivered satisfactorily. APPROCHES TO TOUR COSTING

A. Single mark-up – consist of identifying the general and individual cost and adding a standard mark-up. General Cost – all expenses to be paid by all the passengers in the group. Individual Cost – per person expense such as entrance fee, meals, acc., and token. B. Concession – indentifying the cost of a tour package depending on the incentive due to other tour operators and based in projected nos of passengers.

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