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Batman Begins Essay Essay Sample

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Batman Begins Essay Essay Sample

Fear was an idea that was very interesting to me in the film Batman Begins directed by Christopher Nolan. One reason why interested me was that it showed even the scariest people can be scares. For example when Falcone (a gangster who controls Gotham’s underworld) was threatening Crane’s bosses operation, Crane put on his mask and used a special toxin, which scared Falcone so much he went insane. “Scarecrow, Scarecrow.”

Camera angles were important to see fear and understand people’s expressions when they experienced it. For example in a scene where Batman rescues Rachel, Batman scares the truth out of Crane. We can see how scared Crane is with a close up on his face, we can also see why he’s so scared with a close up on Batman’s face. Crane was so scared he told Batman who he was working for. “Ra’s Ra’s Al Ghul.”

Fear influenced the background music, which was important because it created suspense and tension. The suspense and tension created from the music made the viewers experience fear when they were watching the film. In a scene were batman and Ra’s Al Ghul fight on a train there is background music that displays fear and suspense. The fear was created from wondering is Batman would die and suspense from wondering if the train would crash into Wayne tower and destroy Gotham. “Don’t be afraid Bruce. You are just an ordinary man in a cape, that is why you couldn’t fight injustice and that’s why you can’t stop this train.”

Another reason why fear interested me was because it influenced the setting. E.g. the Narrows had a dark mysterious felling to it, like somewhere you wouldn’t want to be which created fear. An example of where fear was portrayed in the setting was in the scene chaos in the Narrows when Scarecrow in riding on a horse and scare Rachel and a boy. The setting is dark, dirty, smoky and decaying. All these things help paint a picture of fear. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

In conclusion fear was an important idea and interested me for many different reasons, such as even the scariest of the scariest people can be scared. Camera angles are important to see expressions of fear of people faces and background music can make fear even scarier.

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