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Battle Essays


The battle of the Hastings

The battle of the Hastings happened on October the 14th 1066, after the death of King Edward- who died and left the English throne without an heir. The throne of England was left between two opposing rivals; Harold Godwinson and

A battle against cancer

You’ve just learned that one of the most important people in your life has cancer. Do you feel shocked, numb, angry,or afraid? Do you feel like life is unfair? One thing is certain—you don’t feel good. My father cancer diagnosis

Why did Henry VII win the Battle of Bosworth?

There are a number of reasons why Henry VII won the Battle of Bosworth. Whilst there were political, military and economic reasons why Henry won, the political reasons held more weight. There were long term political reasons that contributed significantly

New Players Guide to Battle Mechanics

World of Tanks is a massive multiplayer online computer game. This historically accurate tank warfare game is played by sixty million gamers worldwide. Each match consists of two teams, fifteen players per side in a fifteen minute strategic fight to

The Battle of Monterrey

            The Battle of Monterrey played a very decisive role in the U.S.-Mexican war. It heralded the defeat of Mexico after many of its soldiers suffered from severe disappointment and disenchantment as a result of their perception that their generals

The Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo stands as a very important episode in the whole of Napoleon Bonaparte’s wartime adventures. The battle of water was the battle that took place between Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington. The theatre of battle

The Battle of Verdun

The First World War engaged all of the population. From the very beginning it was clear that it was going to be no short war, but a slaughter such as Europe had never seen before. This study was undertaken to

The Battle of Gettysburg

The Battle of Gettysburg occurred in the period between July 1st and 3rd July, 1863 in the town of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, it was part of the American Civil War that occurred in the U.S.A. In this war the 97,000

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