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Battles with anorexia nervosa Essay Sample

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Battles with anorexia nervosa Essay Sample

The Dad of the family, Stephen aged 52 ,is a heart surgeon who travels around the world working for charities .The mum of the family is called Marisa aged 50,she is an ex catwalk model, now fixated on plastic surgery to keep her body looking young. Their Daughter Alice aged 25 is a successful shop owner of high end clothing, also with a clientele who are loyal and wealthy. she is very successful in running her business, but also suffers with low self esteem and battles with “anorexia nervosa”, occasional “bulimic “tendencies and struggles to maintain relationships with males.

From a psychodynamic approach, it would have been argued that anorexia can start to develop in adolescence. Girls are suggested to make up 90% of the patients with these disorders. It was suggested by the theorist’s that the anorexia is due to the fear of sexual desire or “oral impregnation” (Eysenck2000). The semi-starvation state then prevents them from having periods, the intentions of the starvation succeeds in its function of no pregnancy. In Alice’s case this may apply as she never had the mother and daughter bond and perhaps feels she would be no good as mother, as she was never shown that motherly love as a result her she doesn’t want to or have the confidence to do better than what her mother did, as she has no reference, accept what she gained from the various nannies.(should I keep in )

Theorist from the same perspective would as when it started with Alice as its argued that if it started in adolescence the anorexia was the result of her trying to stay in the pre-pubescent body. Alice may not have liked the attention the her cat-walk model mum attracted, during her childhood and may resent her mother’s adult body because of how her mum career came before them and she was brought up by nannies.

Some other theorists from the same perspective would argue that her “Disturbed relationship…with mother” (Eysenck2000) Would result in Alice being unable to enhance her sense of owning her own body: by not eating this enable her to take control of her own body by what she eats.

Theorist’s Munchin, Roseman, and Baker (1978) developed the idea that family relationships can play a part in the development of anorexia. A family who suffer anorexia are “characterised by enmeshment”, meaning that none of the family have a clear identity, as the mother role was played by nannies and dad was inconsistent resulting in the child unable to gain independence, They argued that Alice most likely rebelled and used control of her eating as a coping mechanism, for the inconsistency in her childhood .Parental conflict would have been argued to have caused ambiguous tendencies and able to deny or ignore conflict .In Alice’s case her anorexia and bulimia is argued to be a result of family conflict ,such in Alice’s family she may have had more pessimistic interactions rather than positive interactions, as she may have rebelled against the nannies and caused friction.

Freud argued that these behaviours Alice that are showing are the result of conflict between the biological drives; principle ego the reality principle, the id the sexual and other instincts, and the super ego the conscience. Freud argue that this conflict between the drive could date back to childhood. In order to deal with the painful thought and feeling the coping mechanism repression enable them to put these feeling into the unconscious mind. The key to therapy with the psychodynamic approach is to find out what repressed memories are driving her behaviour of anorexia and occasional bulimia. The drive ID is argued to be a part of the unconscious mind and would said accountable for Alice’s anorexia and bulimia.

As demonstrated with the case of Anna ‘o’ with the case of neurosis, Freud and Breuer (1895) Through the method of hypnosis, they were able to uncover her repressed anxieties and painful thought and feelings. As a result, they very able to temporarily elevate the symptoms. They would hypnotise through three levels of conscious mind ,firstly the conscience mind ,where all the stuff that at the present moment is aware of then they would move in to the preconscious,where the memories that we are not aware of but are easily brought to the front on the , they would do this by relaxing Ali mind when something she recognises brings the memory forward and the last stage of the unconscious mind mind is where alice will be into so relaxed she will be a trance like state, which would enable them to tap into her unconscious mind and repressed thoughts and feelings.

The method of talking to her through each stage about her childhood memories e.g. how her mother was obsessed with herself and her modelling, how her dad was always traveling, and her experiences of being brought up by nannies.

Freud and Breuer would try to gain access to Alice’s repressed memories but not only her thoughts ,but her feelings that went with them memories, and by allowing “transference”, Alice is able digress her anger and upset that usually have been aimed at the parents .Therefore giving a “emotional reliving of the unsolved problems in childhood “and helping to alleviate and deal with the emotion or thought.

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