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In this report I want to discuss the concern raised publicly on a recent documentary on BBC’s Panorama, which focused on a local care home. Panorama went undercover into various care homes around the south east of England with the suspicion of abuse towards the service users within the care homes. After Panorama disclosed their findings to the nation, the public were appalled and had their own concerns about using the service provided by the care sector. The next day it became headlines in the newspapers, morning chat shows where people were calling in and expressing their disgust from what they had watched the night before. News channels discussed the concerns from the shows findings. These findings were from 2012, which was brought to attention by a fellow employee who followed the whistle blowing policy and a relative of a service user, who had suspicion of abuse taking place and decided to place a hidden camera in the bedroom.

One staff member was instantly dismissed for hitting a service user, seven were suspended with investigations to be carried out which led to dismissal. CQC reported that the homes had few staff and that calls from service users were taking too long to be attended to. The company was then taken over in November 2013. BBC reported figures from CQC show more than third of homes that have received warning notices in 2011 still do not meet the basic standards. Since then the care homes involved in the Panorama documentary now receive regular visits from regulating bodies. These visits are unplanned and unannounced; these visits happen any time and any day.

The regulating bodies have done it this way so that the care homes are unprepared and the regulating bodies are able to notice the quality of care being provided by the care homes. The public views and reactions towards the care sector completely change when issues like this arise. It makes the public think the worst and not want to use the care sector, having little faith and trust for those who provide the service of care. When statistics are shown that still so many homes still need to improve to provide a satisfactory duty of care, it makes the public question what regulators are actually doing when inspecting and assessing homes.

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