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Introduction of TOPIC

“Beauty” by Jane Martin essay sample analyzes sins of modern public. Before readers, there is a fascinating plot about envy between two main heroines. According to the author’s idea, they represent absolute opposites. Carla is a good-looking successful model but without any signs of intellect. While Bethany works as an accountant, receives a high income, and at leisure publishes short stories. But she is disappointed with her appearance. Both protagonists have succeeded in their field, but, nevertheless, they continue to wish what they lack. Carla seeks to grow wiser, and Bethany intends to be prettier.

The litterateur skillfully introduces a genie into the narrative to symbolically show the value of Bethany’s aspirations, even if they are contrived. A girl prioritizes appearance, believing that it will benefit her. Carla tries to resist her friend because she knows about the shortcomings of fineness. But our personage cannot be changed. She is convinced that beauty is worth a deal with the devil.

The “Beauty” by Jane Martin example of essay clearly illustrates beliefs of most people on the planet. Usually, we see only a black patch in our own lives, noticing the success of other individuals. In addition, women often overestimate the role of appearance, forgetting about inner beauty. Carla feels a sense of envy of her friend’s mind. She frequently overcomes irritability, because men perceive her as an object, but not a person. She is denied a long relationship, being just a pretty and elegant doll. If you look at the personage of Bethany, involuntarily there is bewilderment about her discontent. She has everything to be happy, but she stubbornly ignores the gifts of fate.

Thus, the play “Beauty” reveals at the same time the strength and stupidity of groundless envy. We are talking ab

out a human curse, consisting in the constant striving to reach the unattainable things. Jane Martin

masterfully embodies own lesson of humanism, mixing in her work irony, subtle humor, and a little imagination.

Beauty , written by contemporary playwright, Jane Martin is a one act play about envy. It is human nature to desire what one does not have. It is also common for people to think that the grass is greener on the other side without realizing that what they desire may possess certain disadvantages. This play showcases envy and personal discontent in which the two main characters want what the other has. Carla is envious of Bethany’s intelligence and Bethany is envious of Carla’s beauty. Both women long for each other’s characteristics and strengths, all the while, not recognizing the other person’s disadvantages and shortcomings of the very aspect they desire. In her play, Martin successfully draws great attention to the human folly of being envious by combining fantasy, irony and humor.

The use of fantasy is evident as Bethany explains to Carla that she found a “Lamp” on the beach and exclaims “there is a genie in this thingamajig” (1036). She goes on to explain that the genie offered her three wishes. Her first two wishes included $25,000 and for her uncle who was hit by two trucks to be healed, both in which were granted. The third wish is where Martin  introduces the conflict of envy. Bethany envies Carla’s beauty so badly that she wants to use her third and final wish to ask for beauty. To Carla’s dismay, Bethany proclaims her desire “I want to be like you” (1037). “I want to be beautiful…Beauty is the real deal.You are the center of any moment of your life. People stare. Men flock. I’ve seen you get discounts on makeup for no reason. Parents treat beautiful children better. Studies show your income goes up. You can have sex anytime you want it. Men have to know me. That takes up to a year. I’m continually horny” (1038). The use of fantasy is expressed when Carla and Bethany are thrown on the floor by an explosion in which they exchange places. Each woman experiences what it’s like to be the other person. Carla announces “We both have the one thing, the one and only thing everybody wants (1039).

The irony in this play is that each character wants what they don’t have. When the genie grants that last wish and the women exchange places they realize that they have gained something they weren’t expecting… “different problems” as expressed by Carla (1039). We’ve all secretly wished to be someone else for a day to experience what we find appealing about someone we admire or envy without ever thinking that the person has their own set of problems and personal discontentment.

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