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I believe being a meat eater is healthier than being a vegetarian. Firstly I am going to talk about my own experience as a vegetarian in Australia for 8 months .Secondly; I am going to provide some medical research. Finally, I am going to give another 2 examples to argue that vegetarianism is not the healthy alternative. When I arrived in Australia in May 2008, I lived with my brother,

my brother, his wife and one son at the time. In the eight months living with my brother and his family, I experienced what it was like to be a vegetarian, as it was a vegetarian house.

Personally I did not find this was a good diet because I felt breathless after little exercise, tired, poor concentration, frequently becoming ill, and even becoming depressed and malnourishment. I did some research and I found that this it was because my body is not getting enough iron and other important vitamins and nutrients. From my research I found that all kinds of meat have a good source of protein, iron, and others vitamins and minerals that our bodies need and are very difficult to be replaced by anything else than meat.

Medical research show that vegetarians have lower body mass that non vegetarians, but being lean does not always protect people from illnesses such as diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

The Oxford University recently conducted a five year study involving 35,000 individuals aged between 20 and 89, and found that vegetarian people are 30% more prone to break a bone. Another study directed by Sydney’s Garvan Institute, found that vegetarians have 5% less dense bones that meat eaters as vegetarian people generally consume a very small quantity of calcium. (

From my own experience and from the research I conducted, being a vegetarian is more complex than just cutting out meat products. In order to sustain a healthy diet people should be careful to eat a variety of food that contains the nutrients our bodies need and include supplements for vitamins and minerals they might not get from their food.

I believe that the key to being healthy is a well balanced diet, this can be achieved by avoiding fatty and fried food, eating mainly lean grilled meat and fish, including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. In conclusion, a vegetarian diet can be healthy if combined with vitamins, but if we want to be really healthy with our body, it is better to have a well balance diet instead of cutting all the benefits that meat offers us.

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