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Benefits and Drawback for Patients and Staff of Using a Database System Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The benefits of my database for my patients is that they can get letters telling of special offers sent to them because dentercall has there information in the database and the patients will be told if there are any offers on the products they like and the security of the databases information will abide by the data protection act and they will also get discounts in the dentists goods in the shop also have staff holidays adjusted so that they can have a break when the dentist is not busy

The drawbacks for the patients is that they will get sent lots of junk mail from the dentist and also they got to fill out form and questionnaire to know what people like and don’t like also if you change dentist the old dentist still have your information and can still write to you.

The benefits of having a database for the staff is that they don’t have to go through lots of files just to find yours also it is easy to update they can write letters using mail merge and they can create a forecast on what will people buy in the future

The drawback for using a database for the staff is that they might need training on how to use the system and that will cost money and people might resign because they don’t like computers and the affect of using a computer for long periods of time may have an affect on their health such as backache and eyestrain

The benefits of my website for my patients is that you can get lots of information from the website such as the times the dentist is open, where the dentist is and also the products that they sell. You can use the website anytime of the day. Also you can book appointment over the internet without leaving the comfort of your home to go outside for an appointment also you can find out where the dentist is on the online map.

The benefits for my website for my staff is that they can answer patients question much better by looking at the website that has lots of information also if you have new information for the patients you can update the website easily and quickly and you can personalise the website to give an image to your public without having to meet anyone.

The drawbacks for the website for my patient are that they might not have internet to go on to the website. They will have to go to the dentist that might be far away just to get an appointment and they might get lost because they don’t know where the dentist is. The information is limited because it is on the website also you lose personal contact because you don’t talk someone. it also costs money to have a internet connection and if the internet crashes you wont be able to use the internet.

The drawbacks for the website for my staff is that they will have to be trained to update the website constantly there might be computer problems or delays witch might put people off using the computer and there are physical problems for using the computer such as back ache and other pains involving the eyes.

The potential problems with the database is that the staff will have to be trained and this will cost money also while they are being trained you will have to have someone to do there job while they are being trained so this will put up the cost of using the database. If there is a technical problem with

the database you will need someone to maintain the system so that it does not crash and if there are

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other problems they will be able to fix them but this will cost money.

I found it easy using the database and I change the colour of the text so that it is easier to read and there were no problems along the way. I found it difficult in creating the website because it was hard to put hyperlinks in and the changes that I did to the website is that I changed the background so that it is easier to read the text and I changed the look of the title so that it stands out. The problem that I had with the website I that I did not do enough planning

You can improve the database performance is to add a autocorrect to some words because it will make it easier to type certain words without having to type it all such as female/male all you have to do is to type in f/m and it will autocorrect it to female/male. I could also use a ready made template witch will make the input of data faster because I wont have to create a template also I could have had validation checks which will check if I have entered the information correctly and also verification checks to make sure that I have entered the information correctly.

The modifications to my database and website that I did in A01D to make them more accurate is that I proof read to make sure that the sentences made sense and I had a friend proof read it and I did validation checks which will check that my field names are correct. And the ways that I could make inputting data into the website is that I created forms that the customers can fill out themselves and then send it to dentercall.

And to make the output much clearer and faster for the website and database is that I used a 17 inch monitor is that if I want to show my work to someone or want to see what it looks like I can see the information on the screen and I used a black and white laser printer to print my work to paper so that I can show the work to someone that cant look at the screen.

The change that I had made to my user guides is that I made the text bold to read and I increased the size of the font so that it is easier to read and I made the pictures bigger so that it is easier to see what to do.

The input devices that I used are a QWERTY keyboard, optical mouse and the storage devices that I used is a hard drive the alternative storage device I could have used is a memory stick so that I can take he information with me wherever.

I don’t think I planned enough for the database because we never used access before so it took longer than it should have. I think that I had spent enough time on

Implementing the database with the mail merge because it there was a step by step instruction on how to implement them in word. As I worked through my work I made evaluations that improved the way my database looks such as the font and colour of the text in the database so that it is easier to read. I believe that I used the most appropriate software to create a database because access made the table and I just had to input the data also access has many more feature such as creating labels from the database and others as well which can be useful in sending a letter all you have to do is create the label in access and print them on labels which will makes it faster to send letters because you don’t have to write the letters out personally.

The next time I create a database I would look at other databases and see ho they are presented also I would learn more about access feature or other database software and also make sure that I have planned out what I have to do such as which order to input the data and what field names I should have.

I think that I needed to plan my website even though I had created it on paper I think I should have researched more websites to get a better understanding of the layout of a dentist’s website and how they presented it. Also I don’t think I spent enough time on implementation of the website because I did not no how to use dream weaver so it was to learn it at the same time as creating. Once I created my website pages I made a evaluation and to improve my website I gave it a black background and made the title bolder. I believe that I did not use the right software I n the time I had to create a website because I had to learn how to use the software and also create the website which took a lot of time to correct mistakes that I had made and because f the time I had I think I should have used Microsoft FrontPage because I know how to use it.

The next time I create a website I will think more about the layout than I did and to do this I would research more website. Also I would learn ahead of time how to use dream weavers make my website look better and I would spend more time on thinking about what to put into the pages.

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