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It is always important to try and intervene early when it comes to disabled CYP’s and SEN children. Some of the benefits of this are:

To get the correct support: It is essential that when a CYP with a disability or SEN the correct support is in place. Without the correct support the child will miss out on opportunities available and may suffer mentally or physically because of this. If we recognise the needs of the CYP as soon as possible and intervene if the correct support the CYP will then be able to develop and learn to the best of their ability, enhancing their future prospects whilst also enhancing confidence and self-worth.

To enhance the child’s development: There has been lots of research which shows a child’s development is most rapid during their pre-school years. Therefore without early intervention, the child is likely to miss out in the short period in which learning and development is easiest. We should therefore try to recognise any conditions and intervene as early as possible.

To support the family: Early intervention is also very important for a child’s family. Having a child with SEN often causes a lot of stress for the family and can affect their wellbeing. If recognition and intervention happen early, it can often help change the family’s attitude and behaviour towards the child and help them cope with the child easier. Also if the family can offer the correct support for the child, it will help the child develop better at home and in school.

Child’s contribution: Also by intervening early it often enhances the child’s potential future employment opportunities and there is a decreased chance of dependence on society. This is because the child will often contribute more to their care as they will have learned how to do this from an early age. This then has long term benefits for society,

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