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Benefits Of Online Learning Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Today’s technological advances see people moving away from the classroom towards virtual studies.  Online degree programs allow people to study online and even have access online where one can get one’s assignments, get instructions from professors, read resources and turn in the finished products online. The exchange of emails happens more frequently and one has more flexible time to focus on studies (Benefits of an Online Education). The benefits are numerous and the main one is that since this is a student-centered learning, one gets to decide how one would work best given the time he/she has.

            Technically speaking, it is easy to have one’s education online. Just like the traditional way of going to school, online courses give students both the theoretical as well as the practical knowledge in order to be successful in the real world (Is Online Learning Right for you?) Some even offer two kinds of course format—the synchronous classes where the students and the teachers get together at the same time and all online. The teacher will be supported by a live “virtual blackboard.” Meanwhile, the asynchronous classes give maximum scheduling flexibility in terms of attending classes (Is Online Learning Right for you?).

The convenience of online learning are numerous and since they can be taken anywhere and anytime ands the people who eventually try it because now one finds that there are options of doing the work at time most convenient. Whether one works at home of at work, one is able to have that enjoyment of one’s environment while one is completing one’s work.

It is even cheaper to have classes online because

one no longer has to spend on transportation money to get to class on time. (The Benefits of Online

Learning). One can also be led to develop one’s online abilities like answering emails online, handling online research and many more. The interaction between the professors and students are even increased because of the constant exchange of emails regarding the assignments and exams.

            One example is the Villanova University, Pa which offers students masteral certificates online (Get Value from Online Training). Enterprises are turning to technology in order to deal with their diverse workforce. These tools equip people to learn at their own convenience and pace. Because of the high take-up speed of the Internet, Kae Clarke, online learning will become a more compelling and engaging experience (Life in 2010).

Broadband is the missing link in the evolution of the online learning and that today, there are no longer barriers to the development of online learning (Life in 2010). Yet the number of course offerings and even entire degree programs are increasing. The Internet is now bringing people closer to making learning available to more and more people (Wicklund & Gee). Maximising learning has become a multi billion dollar business but the use of the Internet has been a most wonderful experience for clients.

            Today, converting to classroom to online strategy is a cost-cutting strategy. Some say that the blended approach of having an online tutor can be quite expensive and that hidden costs almost always crop up after the content is built (Dolezalek).  Aside from these, another benefit is that those who learn via online are able to access a lot of valuable information which can be used in other subjects. (Bartolic-Zlomislicm and Bates).

In sum, these e-learning programs can be updated instantaneously and delivered instantly worldwide. Such immediacy is important in a learning environment where management is able to  utilise the Internet and other learning solutions in order to retool traditional training programs into very efficient strategies (Ceruieri).


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