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Extra curricular activities have always been an integral part of my up bringing. Although my school ( Delhi Public School , Bhilai ) is known mainly for its academic performance, I was encouraged to take part in various extra curricular activities for an all round and a holistic growth.

Since childhood I was a very keen dancer. I have learned the Kathak form of dance and have cleared various levels of learning. Participating in stage shows threw away the “stage fright” . Kathak dance is a very expressive dance and the eye hand co ordination is very important. Practicing made me very agile and I am now able to control me expressions better.

My oratory skills would not have been that good had I not been a keen debater. Participating in debates taught me how to speak in large gathering, conduct functions, write, research on topics and above all how to drive your view point home. The logical analysis of various topics helped me in approaching the analytical reasoning section in CLAT and LSAT.

Drawing and painting have helped me improve my creativity, my capacity to visualize and improvise. I have won many a competition in painting and drawing.

Being an avid sports fan, I took up the sport of basketball. Bhilai has some of the best talent in this sport with excellent coaching facilities. I managed to avail of these facilities and have represented my city Bhilai in intra state tournaments. Sports taught me the importance of teamwork,helped me in my being selected as the Vice Head Girl of Delhi Public School , which has a strength of more than 5000 instilled discipline and more over improved my physical fitness.

Above all , my keen interest in extra curricular activities students.

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