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Discussion Point 1: Describe what is meant by CSR.
In the case study CSR is described as changes in available workforce or the business’ impact on its local communities. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) represents the responsibility that a business has towards all its stakeholders, not just to owners or shareholders, to deal with their needs fairly or a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. Discussion Point 2: Explain the basis for a company undertaking CSR activities.

The simplest form of conducting CSR activities could be what is known as “chequebook charity” – donate money to favorite charities and / or causes like The HERproject that Primark took apart of. In a more structured model, a corporate entity creates a foundation which takes primary charge of undertaking CSR related projects / activities. In terms of managing the CSR activities, many companies create a team within their own organizations; others go for partnerships with credible and sincere NGOs. Discussion Point 3: Analyze why the HERproject has been a business success, over and above improving the well-being of the workforce.

HERproject serves as a program for women’s empowerment, not just women’s health. Many participating women workers have limited education and professional skills, yet HERproject positions them as health ambassadors to their peers. Women workers and clinic staff feel empowered by the program, and share information quickly through existing communication channels. Peer educators are quick to emphasize simple solutions to common health problems, leading to widespread health behavior changes. Most notably, HERproject encourages peer educators and clinic staff to find a sense of purpose in their new roles. Women participating in HERproject say the experience has made them feel like they are making meaningful contributions to the workplace; a reality that inspires increased job satisfaction.

These changes are extremely powerful, particularly in cultural and professional contexts where women rarely are given opportunities to lead. HERproject also attaches positive association to the workplace as a safe place for addressing important personal topics, such as women’s health. In countries such as Egypt and Pakistan, this can be a powerful addition to women’s lives, increasing female employee satisfaction overall. Discussion Point 4: Evaluate to what extent you think Primark has been able to reconcile the interests of its shareholders and those of the employees of its suppliers.

Primark shares its values with its parent ABF. These values shape Primark’s relationships with its stakeholders. Important business principles for Primark include respecting human rights and setting guidelines for appropriate conditions of employment in its suppliers’ factories. Primark has over 600 major suppliers in 16 countries. These companies provide employment for over 700,000 workers in three continents. Primark is committed to making sure that its partners, both factories and suppliers, also act responsibly towards their employees.


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