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A bicameral system is a parliamentary system of two legislative Chambers. Indian system is bicameral because both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha are involved in the process of making new laws. Bicameral literally means ‘two chamber’. Countries with Bicameral Parliamentary System:

1. Australia-Parliament–Senate–House of Representatives 2. Austria-Parliament–Federal Council–National Council 3. Antigua and Barbuda-Parliament–Senate–House of Representatives 4. The Bahamas-Parliament–Senate–House of Assembly 5. Barbados-Parliament–Senate–House of Assmebly 6. Belize–National Assembly–Senate–House of Representatives 7. Belgium-Federal Parliament–Senate–Chamber of Representatives 8. Bhutan-Parliament (Chitshog)–Bhutan will become a Democratic Constitutional Monarchy in 2008–National Council (Gyalyong Tshogde)– National Assembly (Gyalyong Tshogdu)

9. Canada-Parliament–Senate–House of Commons 10. Czech Republic-Parliament–Senate–Chamber of Deputies 11. Ethiopia-Federal Parliamentary Assembly–House of Federation– House of People’s Representatives 12. Germany–Bundesrat (Federal Council)–Bundestag (Federal Diet) 13. Grenada-Parliament–Senate–House of Representatives 14. India-Parliament–Rajya Sabha (Council of States)–Lok Sabha (House of People) 15. Ireland-Oireachtas–Seanad Éireann–Dáil Éireann 16. Iraq-National Assembly–Council of Union [2]–Council of Representatives 17. Italy-Parliament–Senate of the Republic–Chamber of Deputies

18. Jamaica-Parliament–Senate–House of Representatives 19. Japan-Diet–House of Councillors–House of Representatives 20. Malaysia-Parliament–Dewan Negara–Dewan Rakyat 21. The Netherlands-States-General–Eerste Kamer–Tweede Kamer 22. Pakistan-Majlis-e-Shoora–Senate–National Assembly 23. Poland-Parliament–Senate–Sejm 24. Romania-Parliament–Senate–Chamber of Deputies 25. Saint Lucia-Parliament–Senate–House of Assembly

26. Slovenia-Parliament–National Council–National Assembly 27. South Africa-Parliament–National Council of Provinces–National Assembly 28. Spain-Cortes Generales–Senate–Congress of Deputies 29. Switzerland-Federal Assembly–Council of States–National Council 30. Thailand-National Assembly [3]–Senate–House of Representatives 31. Trinidad and Tobago-Parliament–Senate–House of Representatives 32. United Kingdom-Parliament–House of Lords–House of Common

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