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At the moment it gets information to customers via post or leaflets. Sending information such as offers by post is a lengthy and not very cost effective process, it takes time for the information to be processed and delivered, it also costs money to send them. To get information sent out via leaflets is also very expensive, it costs money for the leaflets to be produced and also they have

they have to pay people to hand them out.

The most inexpensive and effective way for this kind of information to be sent to existing customers is to send emails or addressed letters to customers. For this to be effective the cinema would have to make some kind of membership card, which is individually numbered. The cinema would then be able to build a database containing all that individuals details. The details will be gathered by the person filling in an appropriate questionnaire, to attract customers to fill in this questionnaire there will have to be a prize involved such as two free cinema passes for a month, the prize would be selected at random from a tom bola.

The information on a particular individual could then be accessed by entering a search for that individual’s membership number. A mail merge letter could then be used to send information quickly to that person via email or if that person did not own a PC, it could be sent by post.

The input will be for people to fill in a short questionnaire about themselves and the cinema i.e. favourite genre, how often they go to the cinema in a month, when they have done this, they will get a membership card which will entitle them to get special offers etc… this will also give them an individual number which in turn, make the next step a lot easier.

This information will then be inserted into a database, which will enable the company to bring up or use the person’s information by searching the database for the person’s individual number.

The output will be by accessing an individual’s membership number you could send a `personal` letter via email or post by using the mail merge feature of an application such as word.



Word- Advantages- simple to use, all the needed applications, user friendly

Disadvantages- can be a very temperamental system to use.

I am going to use Microsoft Word, as I feel confident when using this application and find it easier to use. These are the alternative applications I could use:

Publisher- Advantages- extremely easy to use, very good for beginners

Disadvantages- there are limitations on what input can be inserted

Word pad- Very complicated, only for experts

Paint- Advantages- good for pictures, drawings etc…

Disadvantages- not very good for inserting text and moving it around


I will use whichever programs school gas. This will more then likely be Microsoft database or Microsoft access.


TFT- Advantages- clear, crisp, portable, light weight

Disadvantages- Very expensive

Standard (different sizes)- Advantages- cheap, efficient

Disadvantages- ugly, takes up a lot of space


Epson- Laser- Advantages- High quality, one off

Disadvantages- Expensive

Ink Jet- Advantages- Cost effective, easy to replace

Disadvantages- doesn’t last very long.

Dot matrix- Advantages- Very cheap

Disadvantages- Not very clear, low quality

Lexmark- Laser- Advantages- High quality, one off

Disadvantages- Expensive

Ink Jet- Advantages- Cost effective, easy to replace

Disadvantages- doesn’t last very long.

Dot matrix- Advantages- Very cheap

Disadvantages- Not very clear, low quality


Used to edit pages or to use already existing information such as paper records to be transferred to computer records.

Cordless- compact, ideal for travelling, can use on any surface. Quite expensive.

Cord attached mouse- Comes with most computers, reliable although they are easily damaged.


QWERTY- Advantages- easy to use, easy to speed type with, simple to use

Disadvantages- none

Hybrid- Advantages- modern, stylish

Disadvantages- hard to adapt to, unconventional design

Specialist- not suitable for this project as they are used in industry and have no use.


Pentium- Advantages- popular, easily upgradeable

Disadvantages- slow, an upgrade every 2 years so its out of date the

Moment that you by it

AMD- Advantages- very fast, efficient

Disadvantages- not many people now about it due to lack of advertisement

To collect the adequate information about each customer I will have to produce a short but appropriate questionnaire using the Microsoft Word application. Many people are uncomfortable about sharing their details for various reasons. To get round this the company will have to use an incentive such as the person will be put into a raffle, with the chance to win free unlimited movies for a month.

To get the customers attention the questionnaire will have to be eye catching and colourful. It would be helpful if they were passed out outside of the cinema or given to the customer with each ticket sold.

The information gathered will then be inserted into a suitable database with the appropriate field names (make sure of this by inputting the field names and types in the design view).

Each of the customers will have their own row in the database in which to store their details.

The most relevant questions to put in the questionnaire are more than likely going to be:

How many times do you go to the cinema per month?

What is your favourite type of movie?

N.B. the questions in bold are questions that have non-specific answers that can be anticipated by a scroll down selective menu when entering the answers into the database e.g.

How many times do you go to the cinema per month?

An easy way to get the answer would to provide tick boxes on the questionnaire such as:

This is my first time Hardly ever

1-2 Times 3-5 times

More than 5 times

These options could then be put into a scroll down selective menu for the user to select when needed, all in all speeding up the process.

While using this system it is possible to use mail merge to send letters or emails to certain members, for example if there was a new horror film coming out. Using mail merge would enable the user to send a letter or email to all members who prefer horror films. This would be done by creating a query or form (as I have typed this project up at home I am not capable of showing screen shots of this method as I do not have Microsoft access at home).

But what I can do is show you an example of what the finished mail merge letter would may look like.




This letter has been sent to you because here at Big M cinemas we take your needs in high regard, as we know that your favourite type of movies are (FAVOURIE TYPE OF MOVIE), we thought it would be in your best interest that we inform you that a new comedy movie will be hitting our screens shortly. As you are a member, you will get 15% off of every ticket that you buy.

Hope to see you soon

C. Howard

Outlet manager

The urgency and order the letters will be produced will be defined by the number of times that the individual goes to the cinema per month, the individuals who go least will be priority. You may ask why, the people who go to the cinema 3-5 or more then5 times a month do so without encouragement whereas the people who don’t go that often can be encouraged to go more often thus improving business and profit.

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